Sad but I'm one of them, I should get a life LOL!

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What is your party frequency?

  1. I'm in my thirties living like an 18 year old

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  2. My party days are over

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  3. Life is a party!

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  4. No Smoke, No Party

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  1. By Our Early 30s, We're Hardly Partying

    By Karen S. Peterson, USA Today
    Source: USA Today

    Is your social life sagging? It seems that by the time Americans reach their early 30s, they no longer party hearty. And that is a good thing, if you are a researcher in the field of substance abuse. Fewer parties mean less of it, a new study shows.
    When they are 18, about 94% of males and 92% of females go out at least once a week for fun or recreation. By the time they are 31 or 32, 73% of men and 64% of women get out that often, says a new study from University of Michigan Institute for Social Research (ISR).

    It's not a sign of the times, but rather an indication of assuming more adult responsibilities such as marriage and parenthood, says lead author Jerald Bachman, an ISR social psychologist. Today's 18-year-olds go out about as much as 18-year-olds did in 1976, he says.

    In general, he says, "Evenings out for fun and recreation, especially going to parties, hanging out with friends, and going to bars, are activities that decline steadily and substantially with age."

    Look more closely and it seems even more obvious that party animals have been tamed by their early 30s:

    • At 18, 52% of men and 48% of women go out more than three times a week.

    • At 23-24, 35% of men and 24% of women get out that often.

    • But at 31-32, only 15% of men and 11% of women manage to get out of the house at least three nights a week.

    That is just fine with Bachman. He is not all that interested in party animals who run out of steam as they age. He is more interested in the fact that young adults who go out frequently in the evening for fun and recreation are more likely than their peers on average to drink heavily and to use illegal drugs. And studying substance abuse is his special interest.

    Bachman finds that the relationship between nights out and heavy drinking and marijuana use weakens a little with age. Still, at ages 29-32, those who go out at least three nights a week are twice as likely to report marijuana use or heavy drinking than those who go out less than once a week.

    Bachman's study analyzes 25 years of data on more than 38,000 people from the ISR Monitoring the Future Study, conducted yearly since 1975. That government-supported, long-term research is used as a barometer of trends in various behaviors among American adolescents and young adults.

    Research indicates that while temporary increases in substance abuse show up after high school, they diminish as young adults marry and have families. "Their social lives change as they take on these other responsibilities," Bachman says. "We find that is what accounts for a lot of the change."

    The findings from Bachman's team appear in a new book, The Decline of Substance Use in Young Adulthood: Changes in Social Activities, Roles and Beliefs from Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.

    Newshawk: Nicholas Thimmesch II
    NORML Media & Communications
    Source: USA Today (US)
    Author: Karen S. Peterson, USA Today
    Published: February 4, 2002
    Copyright: 2002 USA Today a division of Gannett Co. Inc.
  2. that sounds just like what i do dude but my wife works out of the home and i get the computer more !she dose'nt have to work but she cannt set still all day long she says!lol so i gat reed of her some after 20 + years its the best thing that i enjoy ! that and ps2! i am setting up my grow again some day i hope,i still like a good party but not over doing it as much.these are the best days of are lifes ,41 and glad to have gotten this far!lol

  3. Ditto!
  4. damn i didnt realise everyone was 40 summin....

    personally i expected to c a lot more 15-25 year olds but wutever...old people need smoke too....

    anywy i party on weekends when i have money..... but smoke isnt nessicarily required...and smokin doesnt require a party
  5. I hear most of the youngsters are over at yahooka (whatever that is). I think these vets here are mellowed out after years of puffin the magic dragon. I can dig it!:smoking:
  6. Puff good Dragon! Puff,puff,puff.........and when ya get old enough ya get to hide your own Easter eggs!
  7. My prime party years are being spent puffin' away at home because i'm so bored because I never get to leave because i'm always in trouble for smoking weed, it's a vicious cycle.
  8. hahaha you guys are makeing me lol smokeing started at 30 and has gotten better all the time ,now when older i can aford as much as i want and i want alot with my head pain !so i smoke so much i got to stop to type but not for long like now!

  9. NOT ME- at 15 (approaching 16 within two or three weeks) I think that this place is great.... you're all geriatric but hey old people aren't that bad- for one they know what they are talking about- THANKS FOR ALL THE INPUT OH GREAT OLD ONES!!!
  10. .......why I's ok. I kids are!!!!! LOL!!!!
    I started partyin' my first year into high school. PARTIED MY ASS OFF!!!!! Over the years it has dwindled down to miniscule proportions. But DAMMIT when I DO get out, I make it good. My ol' man is in a band and once in a while the kids will all be gone for the nite and there's a little xtra $$$$, THIS little Stonie hits the tequilla and the dance floor!!!!!!! It's been a while, now that I think about it. Yup........I can feel it.......that know the one!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!

  11. Im 21 and started off at yahooka...then I found these boards. OMG can I appreciate everyone here so much more. you're right about the "youngsters" over there. I get headaches sometimes when Im reading some of those posts. at least here Im finding some goos content to talk about...I dont even bother with yahooka anymore...just grassssssssscity for me.
  12. you shere oughtta! lol , you tear me up!lol jo
  13. I still play music on wknds, Wife likes to come & Dance, Blaze our asses off!! Make a couple of trips to the French Quarter a year to really cut loose!! Am 45 but am much too young to feel that damn old!!! Roooooll On! Rock On StonieJo!! Every day above ground is a GREAT day!!
  14. thats why us old people done talk much on line it takes us a day to find the email and a week to read it if we dont have to clean the glasses!lol why she oughtta!
  15. gonna be 25 in march and that sounds like me!! am i missing out on my prime?! oh no!!! :D
    nah we go out once in awhile, to concerts/shows, i just don't like clubs all that much (at all) and got the partying out of my system for doing it way too much for a good 7 years.
    i am feelin' an itching to sit my ass on a barstool again soon though~~
    and OOO eome dissin' on the oldies' you got some balls there man!!! good come back stonie jo ;) be careful knockin back that tequila !! (i'll prolly be right beside ya i feel that wild hair too lol)
  16. i havent been in a bar in 8years ! thin it was a birth day party,but i know what 151 rum o ya!
  17. when i was a young whipersnaper.........where are my glases? i cant read what im typeing.........

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