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  1. Anyone else hold their car/bike/whatever sacred?

    Do your nerves stand on end if you see a stranger looking over your baby?

    Are you the kind of person that's slow to anger unless someone fucks with your car?

    I know I'm that guy.

    I feel like your transport is something to be respected. By everyone, not just yourself.

    Tonight, a selfish cunt friend of mine decided it would be funny to take glass chalk and cover my car in stupid shit. Inoffensive, but stupid.

    In the process covering half of my windshield and almost all of my back window. Unfortunately I also had to leave then and there and had no time to deal with the problem.

    So already I'm at risk for being lit up for obstructed view along with the highly visible bullshit covering my car. I'm in possession like normal because usually my friends don't do stupid shit.

    Then I have to spend 45 minutes when I did get home scrubbing and scraping this shit off the car because I have to travel a lot tomorrow.

    Compounded with the fact that I now I have to get up in just a few hours (too pissed to sleep, beer and hash to follow soon) to drive my aunt to the airport an hour and change away.

    Don't fuck with a mans car.
  2. Whenever I'm away from my car, I feel like something is missing, and I am just in an all around worse mood.
  3. I was like this with my Supra. Thank God my priorities are no longer so fucked.
  4. during senior spirit week last year all the cheerleaders and the like think it's fun to put that same chalk shit and write a bunch of shit all over the football player's cars. long story short, I taped a large piece of construction paper over my windsheild every day that week saying basically "if you fuck with my car, you will be hearing from my lawyer" :hello:
  5. How does that alter your priorities by giving a shit about the well-being of your car? I'm confused.
  6. ^^ I realized that my car is just peice of metal. A piece of future junk. It is a utilitaian object that transports me from point A to point B and nothing more. I do not and will love a vehicle. I did, it was hella fucking stupid to care that much about the well-being of a fucking car. C'mon, get real.
  7. Why's it fucking stupid to care about my car?

    I worked hard and paid a lot of money for my car. I bought it because I love everything about the car and why it was made

    And I'm suddenly supposed to not give a fuck when I see creepers peeking around in it or worry about it when I can't keep an eye on it?

    I understand some people don't give a shit, but it's pretty weak to say it's fucking stupid to care about a car.

  8. It's a piece of metal. It has no feelings, it can't love you back, it's a goddamn inanimate object. WTF dude? It's not just stupid to "care" about a car, it's fucking retarded. Anything above caring about whether or not the vehicle has been properly serviced in a timly fashion is borderline schizo.
  9. Holiness, or sanctity, is in general the state of being holy (perceived by religious individuals as associated with the divine) or sacred (considered worthy of spiritual respect or devotion; or inspiring awe or reverence among believers in a given set of spiritual ideas). If you think a car is SACRED you're fucked.
  10. :rolleyes:

    Yeah, okay. Well, get a nice car and see how you feel when some stranger is standing near it.
  11. Any more childish insults you'd care to sling?
  12. You're in LOVE with a fucking CAR and you're calling ME childish? Grow up.

  13. Get a nice HOUSE and tell you me still care about cars. Sheesh, you are such a child.:wave:
  14. There's a difference between loving something and being in love with something.

    I can see you're not here to actually participate in discussions but rather just troll.

    Later, troll.
  15. You think a car is sacred, you are less than a troll. You are embarrassing. And your thread was stupid as fuck.

  16. I think someone keyed my truck yesterday. I blame god.
  17. The car section is always littered with children :laughing:
  18. Damn a nice thread Full of assholes... Its Not like He is in Love with it... It has nothing to do with immaturity. He spends Time and Money on His Ride, its normal to want to protect that. Most People wouldnt to that Cause they: have Too much money, have a 1000$ Ride or similar...

    DoubleSix is right! +Rep. When im on my Laptop again
  19. When you've actually done the work on the car, and put your time and money into it, then yeah you're going to care about if somebody tries to fuck with it.

    Your "you're in love with a car?" argument sounds like when we were in 2nd grade and some little kid would say "if you love it so much why don't you marry it". It's immature. No he's not "in love" with his car, but to see something you put time and effort into get fucked with should piss anyone off. Unless you're some spoiled brat who's had everything given to them. In which case, fuck off :cool:

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