Sack weight argument

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  1. Socal281 says dimes cost 30 and weigh 1.7 , I say dimes are 0.5 - 0.7

    We wanna clear this up so POST
  2. Dimes cost $10. The weight depends on quality and location but the price is constant.
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    He says everyone in the Midwest and west coast and here on grasscity all think dimes are like thirty bucks
  4. dimes are $10 and always over 1.0 whether it be 1.4 or 1.7

    $30 is ridic
  5. maybe a half eight is 30 and dime is a dime because its 10 bucks worth not a set weigh.
  6. Dimes are 10-15.

    Teenths are 20-30.

    So on and so forth.
  7. Some people use the term dime for $10 worth

    Others use it to refer to a half-eighth
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    Sorry not everyone gets the same prices as you. Fucking weed snobs.

    Yes, a dime is $10, it's measured by money not weight.
  9. A dime costs exactly ten cents.

    But yea, a dime means ten bucks worth of weed. Which is usually .5-.7 of dank bud.

    Your friend is getting a half eighth for 30. Those are pretty typical prices around here (60/eighth or 30 for a half eighth, 20/g).

    Who cares what you call it? A sack's a sack.
  10. Okay, price lesson time.
    Dime = ten. As in "dat snitch dropped a dime on my homey". Translation: that gentlemen gave my friend ten years of prison. Or in our case: "hey ima go pick up a dime, be back soon. Translation: im gonna go purchase a bag of marijuana for the price of ten dollars.
    And so on.

    Nickel = five(i.e 5 bucks worth of weed.)
    Dub = twenty(i.e 20 bucks worth of weed.)

    Thats all there is to it.
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    Hahah bull shit..... In the form of change, a dime equals 10 cents. So naturally a dime equals 10 dollars.... Nickel bag are 5 bucks. But it depends where to live when it comes to measurements. Here a dime is 1 gram
  12. A dime is ALWAYS ten dollars. Weight varies

  13. That right there is fact.

    A dime is ten dollars worth and the amount will vary.

    If someone says different they're labeling it wrong and no I don't care where you are from.
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    why don't yall just shut the fuck up and use actual units of measurement.

    sorry i just hate when ppl call me and ask for half 8ths and stuff....
  15. $10 (dime) for .5 of dank here.
    Dub is a gram for $20
    Half eighth is 1.7 and $25
  16. here's the thing though

    if you always buy 3 gram dimes for ten bucks

    then you get better weed

    you still might call it a dime cause its 3 grams, even though it costs more

    you might be wrong, but you might do it
  17. A dime In Texas is usually about 2g-2.5g of mids based on who your getting it from.
  18. half an 8th is a 16th!!!!!
  19. Like dude said earlier on the last page

    Nick is $5 worth of weed
    Dime is $10 worth of weed
    Dub is $20 worth of weed

    The amount of weed you get for said nick, dime, or dub will depend if you're smoking mids or heads. I don't get how people still don't understand this
  20. we call it a half eigth

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