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  1. does anyone here get saboxin its suppose to help u quit from opiate addiction, but when u blow it u get fucked up like a pill and all u really have to do is a 1/4 of one to get fucked up when u first start. its gotta be the cheapest way to get fucked up people around here sell it for 10 a pop and that would get u high 3-4 times some people get it for free when there in rehab. just thought i'd let u kno about saboxin it tastes really wierd when u sniff it like oranges but it works great if ur lookin to get wrecked.
  2. Suboxone,

    And yeah, plenty of us know about it, plenty of us have been prescribed it. Kinda disappointing people are using it to get high, but whatever. Enjoy
  3. .... why would you take advantage of this wonderful drug that people with real problems use to stop their addictions... you fail.
  4. the same reason people abuse things like oxy and shit but theres still people who need it... you fail.
  5. I took one once. I passed out than woke up and started vomiting everywhere.
  6. Yeah...It's not meant to get high. It's to help people withdraw from serious opiate (oxycontin, heroin, etc) addiction. It's so powerful that people with no opiate tolerance will usually get extremely sick to the point where the high is no fun.
  7. my friends that dont have a big opiate tolerance got pretty ripped off sniffing a 2mg subby. i had a script for the 2's but i lost it cause i couldnt pass a drug test. occassionally ill shoot a subby if i know theres no opiates in my system. theres no immediate rush like with dope..but like 15 minutes into it you feel that opiate high except its more rushy instead of a heavy stone if that makes sense lol
  8. hahahahahhahahh suboxone you fuckin idiot, wow what a thread
  9. HEY dont dog it im perscribed to it right now because i was addicted to 120 to 180 mg of morphine but i mean it works wonders and yea its gets me alittle buzzed but it really helps me out. But yea it is kinda disapointing people use it to get high
    right now i take 16 mg a day and i have a friend whos on it

  10. i made the mistake of shooting suboxone with opiates in my system cuz i read on another forum that it wont make you go into precipitated withdrawl, but what the fuckhead failed to mention was that he didnt have any other opiates in his system and further down the page it elaborated on the part about having other opiates in your system but it was too late... i thought i was gonna fuckin die from how instantly dopesick i got, it was fuckin horrible, i ended up readin that the only way to get rid of it was to eat more suboxone so i basically ate the rest of my suboxone n it went away

    but suboxone doesnt take away heroin withdrawl for me for whatever reason
  11. Ive take a suboxone under my tongue the day after using dope and then shot another subby later in the day and i was fine. ive never experienced the instant withdrawal it sounds pretty brutual

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