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  1. I started a Cali-Myst bag seed and everything started out great, but my brother changed the lighting time from 18-6 to 12-12 and I hadn't noticed until it was too late..  There's already small buds forming and I wanted to get her up to at least 2 feet.  Currently she doesn't even have a single 7 point leaf... 
    My questions:  Is it ok to revert the lighting back to 18-6? Will it switch it back to vegetation? Will this matter have any detrimental effects? 

  2. You can.. but it will stress her which can lead to worse problems than early flower. How tall is it now or how old?
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  3. Roughly a month and a half

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  4. Faster to just start over with a new seed or clone.. but you know she's a girl so that's a plus for your side..
    She'll take about 30 days under 24 on to even start to re-veg..
    When she does finally start to send out new vegetation growth it will be from the flowered out top as a multi-branched crown with no real defined main stem.. look up super cropping to see pictures of re-veged plants done from small flowered plants like yours is now..
    I had 4 Fire OG clones I purchased that came from a flowered mother that re-veged and then flowered again.. the smoke was good enough quality but the plants had spread out buds and took far longer to harvest and trim..
  5. :( Dang. Well I atleast have one more seed to try. Thanks for responding.

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