Sabotage A Bowl?

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  1. Me and a guy I used to be friends with split the price of a glass pipe and then he did some wrong stuff towards me and my other friends so I stole it from him. Well he has one of my bikes and won't give it back unless I give him the pipe. So I decided I will give it back to him but I want to know if there's a way I can sabotage it so something goes wrong next time he uses it.
  2. Schools out already? :hide:
  3. Just about

  4. Wow this is retardedly immature.
    Give him his pipe, take your bike in return, then either talk out your problems like adults or forget about him.
  5. What grade will you be going into this fall? :smoke:
  6. see if you can re kindle your friendship dont fuck him over. its nicer to have a friend then a enemy man
  7. I smell a minor... Dude, if you two went 50/50 then you gotta respect that you two are sharing the piece. Respect man, common decency, you ever heard of those?
  8. Why?
    Just give him the damn pipe so you can get your bike back.
  9. You all are right I'll forget about him and give him the bowl and get my bike back, but I won't be splitting money on things we were supposed to share anymore, even though I kind of knew it would be a problem from the beginning

  10. This is pretty immature
  11. If you really want to make him angry, return the pipe with a fully packed bowl of topshelf buds...That'll show 'em!
  12. Meet with him then fuck him up then take the pipe and bike.
  13. 12 year olds will be 12 year olds.
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    get the fuck off GC and stop being a fucking cancer with your pussy ass problems.
    How old did you say you was again? 12 right?
    EDIT: I forgot to ask, are you some kind of dickhead?
  15. What is it like a 10 dollar pipe? Lol!

  17. Just had a master plan, it just now came to me at 4am. this is the fucking bees knees right here. assuming you can Ejac. Jizz in the pipe and give it to him. TEE HEE HEE. SABOTAGE IS SO GOOD HUHEHUEH
  18. ok, so as soon as gc found out op was a minor it just became a troll  post XD good on ya gc  one love, and keep minors off, save the thread spots for serious problems, give the man his bowl, and get your bike, start  job hunting, get a job, then buy your own pipe, goin fifty/fifty on  a bowl, or a bag of weed often goes south
  19. Who the fuck splits the cost of a piece unless it's with someone you're living with?

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