S7even's Project #1 (Closet CFL/Fluorescent)

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    Hello all!:):):)
    this is my first post here, after tedious fact finding on GC, and material gathering (still in progress) my next logical step was to post here. Hopefully i can receive some very appreciated input from experienced forum members.


    I am on a starving college bank roll, Im employed so I do have

    Here is my Goal w/ Space permitted:
    3-4 plant set up, in (aprox. 2x5x4 feet) closet.

    standard sliding closet located inside my bedroom. the closet is about 15 feet away from my outside patio.

    I live in a First Floor apartment, with moderate foot-traffic next to the patio.

    My materials (as of now, will update as frequently as needed):


    1. 4x 40w 25k CFL ( during flowering only)

    2. 2x 4-foot T-12: 40w (3k+lumen) 65k Daylight
    2a) hanging fluorescent fixture w/ reflector tape

    3. 1x 50w 65k CFL Daylight

    4. 1x 2-foot T-12: 30w 65k Daylight (eventually horizontally mounted to wall)


    1. 2x1x2 foot ac unit w/ 5' ducting, allowing intake from my bedroom. Very powerful.
    2. 2x norm. oscillating fan

    For my next shopping experience:

    - possibly just thin sheets to allow for light reflecting, to cover inside closet area.

    -Can i hang these sheets without binding it to a harder surface like thin plywood? If so, can i connect them with reflector tape, i know this will result in a flimsy greenhouse setup, but i am on a budget.

    Here's some pics:
    * grow room view oustide

    **i know terrible quality, and just one. The gf was giving me hell, she was sleeping, just as i finished wiering the lights, i thought i test them without her noticing.....i was wrong :eek:

    I want to focus on the room set up first (maximize lighting, airflow, space) before i venture into pot/fert/feed options. However any advice or ideas on ANY topic would be more than appreciated!

    ***Disclaimer: If at any time I make no sense, or should be slapped due to my lack of knoledge, remember; this is my first grow! I have open ears and always welcome other views or ideas. there is no such thing as to much information.

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