S7evens NYC Diesel Grow #1 (pics!)

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    Hey guys, gotta love GC so this is my main update post for this grow.

    I started with just my own closet grow, an hps/cfl setup and became addicted to this hobby, quickly purchasing a set up for a separate room (thanks to my girl with some of the investment) in hopes to run a complete year round cycling harvest :hello:

    First time grower, but I try and absorb as much knowledge from others as possible. I appreciate comments, feedback, or even picture requests,

    I want you guys to get involved, have fun, and watch my attempt at a very fun summer!

    Alright, now on to the fun stuff:cool:


    Flower Room:

    My closet aprox. (2'x3'x4.5')
    x3 NYC Diesel
    Second place winner of the High Times Cannabis Cup 2003.
    Third place winner of the High Times Cannabis Cup 2001


    x1 HPS 150w w. reflector hood
    x1 68w 27K cfl
    x3 50w Daylight cfl's
    x4 40w 27K cfl's


    Fox Farms Ocean
    Perlite (40%) Mixed w/ FF ocean
    Big Bloom Fox Farm liq. fert
    Grow Big Fox Farm liq. fert
    Wet-Betty wetting agent
    3% h2o2 (hydrogen peroxide)
    "Plant Success"
    x3 3-Gal. Pots/ saucers
    Seltzer water
    Distilled water
    PH up/down
    Soil PH/NPK Tester
    Liquid PH Tester
    PH/Moisture/Light Soil Meter

    DAY 1; 6/1/09:

    (veg NYD inside my flower room *prior to having the veg room **Added 4x 50 w daylights inside)

    I got my dirty little hands on some NYC Diesel clones, just after finishing my set up, and now for the transplanting.


    mixed FF ocean(69%) w/ perlite (49%) in my 3-gal pots, gave good watering with no feed. using distilled water. then used my PH/moisture/light meter to check soil, looks good to go, slightly high ph (6.6), moisture level is wet, pots not soaking in run-off. leaving only my cfls (total of 8 lights; 2 daylight, x6 27k's for a total of 340w and 20,800 lumens) hanging vertically, w/ as much as the plant exposed to light as possible. Also i am running a 30w daylight 2' tube along horizontally trying to expose the stems.Im not using the 150w sodium light yet or its reflector,im going to wait untill the roots take. The lights are running under a 18 on and 6 off schedule, and the room is kept @ 73-80 degrees Fahrenheit, keeping my ac on as well as the fan on top, blowing through the little babies, but never to hard. here are some pics to aid...

    Veg Room:

    The Girl friends closet aprox 3x3x4.5

    2 of which are the girlfriends :rolleyes:
    x4 Plantnium Kush
    x2 Hindu Kush


    x3 2-foot t-5 florescent daylights (2260 Lumens each)
    x2 50w Daylight Cfls

    Pot setup:
    mixed 2/3 light warrior soil w/ 1/3 Fox farms ocean, after this mixed the two then added perlite to make the mix 80% soil mix 20% perlite.

    put into 6 1-gallon pots



    **I will try and keep this thread updated as much as possible, IMO pic's are the best to understand exactly whats going down, so ill include them as well.

    **Readers: please throw feedback at me, i appreciate feedback. feel free to ask for detailed pictures, ill try my best to make this happen

    So what do you guys think so far? comments, questions, concerns? GREATLY appreciated! ;)

  2. Good luck man, you got the genetics I hope you are victorious. Soma is my favorite breeder. I saw you mention that you ph was a little high but I think you have mistaken as 6.5 is for optimal nutrient uptake. Ill be watching your thread here I am geting ready to drop some NYC Diesel and Somango my self.
    PS I do not know anything about Twitter but is it the best place to host your grow images? Grasscity can host them for you

  3. I will take advantage of that, i didn't know gc had one! thanks Mallow!:) and as for the ph now it is staying @ 6.4-6.5, i ran a soil test last night just to be sure. any other advice mallow? What kind of setup are u hoping/ or currently running?
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    Update for day 2 is comming soon! also after a long night of bitching and whinning from my girl, about how she cant sleep at night because of the noice of the ac in the closet, along w. some (not much) light in the room? any ideas on how to shut her up? i decided to make her sleep on the couch :) she was pissssed. anyways, im about to take some upclose pics of my little New York Daughters! any requests?? let me know soon!
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    Day 2 log:

    little sisters are doing well today, soil seems moist not to wet, not to dry. I have work in an hour or so, so i might feed with 1/2 rec. of big bloom. sounds good to you guys?

    some pictures of the three amigas:

    These girls are UNNAMED If anyone has any ideas lets hear them! The girl and I where looking for a "lucky" based name:)

    The Big Girl

    Nice single leaf

    Last but not least (hopefully)

    So thats it guys, just thinking of doing one watering for the day before work, with a little feed. what do u guys have to say?
  6. just got home from work a while ago, lights are off untill 5 am... anyone know how much air should be flowing on the plants, to much/none at all? what is a good medium for recent transplants?
  7. Dude do not feed those little ones anything but maybe some Organic Superthrive Vitamin B1 in a very minor dose. Fox Farm Ocean Forest does not require any extra nutrients until after 30 days. You are going to have to get that closet light proof or you will not be able to flower in there. During flowering you must have 100% darkness or you will not flower or will cause hermies from the interruptions that your plants get. What exactly is that tube coming out of your door anyway?
  8. ok, i didnt feed, just watered, a tiny bit. light problem can be easily fixed, ill take care of this and post some pics. as for the tube, its connected to the ac, which sucks air out of the closet, i have this vented into another (not connected to grow room) closet for now because the tube is not long enough to vent outside.
  9. Alright sweet dude I don't want your hard work to go to waist because light leaks. Rule of thumb for watering just incase you are not sure. Stick your finger 1" to 2" down into the soil if it is dry then it is time to water.
  10. thanks mallow! i have been using a ph/light/moisture meter for the soil, but that rule will come to good use. as far as how much water to give a plant, i know less is more especially for my case. i thought i have heard untill you get 10% runoff? im not to sure though

  11. I have heard that to but I do not go by it my self. What I personally do is feel the pot. I use grow bag so this is easy for me but I will also slightly pick up the pot and feel it's weight. You will soon get to know the weight of a fully watered pot vs a dry one. Remeber you want your soil to dry as it encourages root growth and allows oxygen to get to them as well.
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    day 3 am update

    ok so a couple questions here.
    #1 Any recommendations on a diy way to seal light out of the corners of my closet. I have some spare mylar, some duct tape, and thats about it for now.

    #2 when i got the little babbies they were a little burnt it seemed on some leaves, maybe because of a luck of misting, any recommendations as to help fix this, i heard misting may help, but im not 100% on that.
    if some tips are crisp, and dead should i flake these off?

    #3 foil feeding- yes or no? as when should i start? i have heard mixed revies on this.
  13. anyone?
    solved light escaping from the corners of the closet.
    update soon
  14. Dude I think I am going to come over to your grow and take your nutrients away temporarily:). You do not wanna feed those little things anything at the moment the Fox Farm has everything for it right now. I think I probably said before only thing Id recommend to use on those little ones at the moment are Organic Super Thrive Vitamin B1 at a low dose. You can mist with plain water if you want but nothing else. Good job on fixing the light problem!
  15. yes i agree haha, i havent feed w/ anything except for a tiny tiny bit of hydrogen peroxide w/ my water. in order to help root development. i post some pics up of how i did it. the now room name is the "purple room" you will see why haha
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    day 4 update


    Pics of: plants, 1/2 of room, lighting issue fix (sorry for the mess)


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  17. Im so surprised at the lack of responses in exception to gg who has been a great help. im dissipointed i expected at least a couple replys! :mad:
  18. Dont feel bad man, no one checks out my grow ether... All Grasscity people wanna see is bud porn! Personally I like to see anything Ganja related though. At least keep me updated I am watching. +rep for frequent updates
  19. Thanks gg! You are keeping me inspired! anyways i check on the little ones this morning. they are growing! noticed a good improvement in size/color this morning:hello: the hydrogen peroxide worked amazing (1/4 teaspoon per liter of water) once a week, sound good?
    pics will be up right after my stop at the club for some blackberry kush! finally in stock:smoke: \

    gg, wish u were here to join in on the berry-goodness!
    and thank you for your help man, it takes a chill person to help out a random newb :)
  20. Your so lucky to have that option and I wish I could join bad. I am in a non medical state and well 90% of the ganja around here sucks pretty bad. We get a lot of beastors around here and that is partially why I decided to grow a little while back. I would not know to much about growing if it wasnt for this forum so I must return the favor you know? That is why we all hang out here isnt it? Here is a tip I needed to remind my self this morning. Be sure to check your run off I have negelected my responsibility for a little while and now I suffer the consequences. Now I must pick up some Dolomite Lime to correct a ph issue thats pretty far off. DAMN ME

    I meant to tell you earlier try checking out some other peoples journals to it might generate some traffic for you.

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