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S0calt0ker's Wonderfully Dank Pickup Thread ***Caution Dank Pictures***

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by s0calt0ker, Sep 10, 2009.

  1. #1 s0calt0ker, Sep 10, 2009
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    Hey guys just got a camera and thought it was time to make an account. Ill be posting all my medical bud and some other pickups too. Heres some of my pickups from the past week and a half...:smoke:

    * Really Dank
    ** Super Dank

    818 OG\t\t\t 1
    Razzle Berry \t\t\t 1
    Grand Daddy Purp Hash\t 1
    Jack's Widow\t\t\t 1
    "Purple Haze" shake\t\t 1
    Afghan x Trainwreck\t\t 1
    Strawberry Cough\t\t 1
    KushTown Hot Sauce\t\t 1
    Professor Kush Soda\t\t 1
    The Who\t\t\t 1
    Purple Kush\t\t\t 2
    Afpak Hash\t\t\t 3
    Mango Diesel\t\t\t 3
    Romulan x Cottoncandykush 4
    Kandy Kane\t\t\t 4
    Mango diesel \t\t\t 4
    Purple Kush Hash oil\t\t 4
    Russian Widow\t\t 4
    Grand Daddy Purp\t\t 4
    Sourband\t\t\t 5
    Blackberry Kush\t\t 5
    Darth Vader\t\t\t 5
    Sour Daddy \t\t\t 5
    Blue dream\t\t\t 5
    The LA*\t\t\t 6
    Mendo Purps\t\t\t 6
    Platinum Kush Hash\t\t 6
    Blue Dream Caviar \t\t 6
    Outdoor Bubba Kush\t\t 7
    Grape Ape Caviar\t\t 7
    OD Matanuska Thunderfuck\t 7
    Maui Wowie\t\t\t 8
    Ice Cream x OG Kush\t\t 9
    Northern Lights x G13*\t 9
    Amethyst* \t\t\t 10
    OD Bubba \t\t\t 11
    Super Silver x OG**\t\t 11
    Romulan Bubble Hash\t 12
    Shire*\t\t\t\t 14
    Afghani Lights*\t\t 14
    Grape Ape \t\t\t 14
    Romulan Bubble hash #2\t 15
    Dj shorts true blue x OG\t 15
    G13 *\t\t\t\t 17
    White Rhino**\t\t 18
    Purple Haze #2**\t\t 18
    Master Kush*** 19
    J1** 19
    Maser Kush caviar 19
    Outdoor LA (LA Confidential) 20
    Bubba Kush x Grape Ape** 22
    Original Thai Haze X Skunk 1 22
    Tincture 23
    Blackberry lozenges 23
    Bubba Hash 23
    OG Hash 23
    Lowryder 23
    Headband** 25
    Super Skunk** 25
    Non medical WW X Haze hash 25
    Earwax*** 26
    Kief 27
    Blue Goddess*** 27
    Master Kush** 27
    Platinum Kush 29
    Jtrain** 29
    Afghooey** 30
    Pot of gold X G-13 *** 30
    Shire*** 30
    Bubba Kush Hash 30
    Moonrocks 30
    Pre 98' Bubba hash 30
    Sour Diesel** 32
    The LA*** 32
    Mr. Nice hash 32
    Headband Kief 32
    TRIM 32
    Humbolt Hash 5g** 33
    UK Cheese** 33
    Bubba Kush** 33
    J1*** 34
    Blue Dream** 34
    OD Thunderfuck 34
    Strawberry Haze*** 34
    Green Crack*** 34
    Snowcap* 34

    818 OG


    Razzle Berry

    Grand Daddy Purp Hash

    Jack's Widow

    "Purple Haze" shake

    AF Wreck

    Strawberry Cough

    The Stash

    KushTown Hot Sauce

    Kushtown Professor Kush Soda

    More pickups to come

    (Title Edited By Request. - KSR.)
  2. Mmm GDP hash sounds amazing. We should sesh :D
  3. The GDP hash is pretty amazing... where in socal are you?
  4. #5 s0calt0ker, Sep 11, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 26, 2009
    Just picked up a gram of THE WHO

  5. very nice man
    everything looks good
    espically that razzleberry
  6. nice buds :smoke:
  7. haha
    thanks for sharing!!!

    mmm...razzleberry... i just bought one from Marie Callender's ha

    good lookin dank
  8. You medical people make me so jelous. Nice buds bro:smoke:
  9. Amazing stuff!!!
  10. Hey man do you mind me asking what they'd charge for an eighth of shake as opposed to an eighth of nug? All that MMJ looks :eek::wave::smoke:
  11. An eighth of shake cost me 20$ and an eighth of bud ranges from 30-60
  12. Thanks guys
  13. Jack's Widow looks fucking incredible
  14. It smokes great, one of my favorites so far
  15. some nice clinical stuff you got there :)

    i had some 818 about two weeks ago. pretty good smoke with good nug formation. decent og

    the jacks widow looks good

    the who, never heard of that one but it looks great

    get some earwax or oil if you can find some :)

    have fun smoking
  16. man all those looks so dank man. wish i lived in cali....
  17. sick bud man......praying for AZ MMJ!!:smoke:
  18. Thanks bro, yeah the who i never heard of until yesterday its a great smoke!
    I actually picked up some purple kush hash oil its great on top of a bowl.

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