S.Y.N mini showerhead or tall boy showerhead?

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by dudzer, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. S.Y.N mini showerhead or tall boy showerhead?
    The mini around 15 inches with a splash guard
    The tall boy around 19inches no splash guard
    pros and cons to a smaller or bigger tube?:confused:
  2. Well i never hit the SYN showerhead, but i did get a chance to toke on a fat MGW reverse showerhead and loved it. IT was equipped with a SYN Inline A/C too. It didnt splash at all and was super sturdy. I wanted to buy it really bad. But with the small one you need the guard. And you still get splash sometimes. You may splash sometimes with the big one, but it will milk fatter and prolly hit better. Get the big one if you have the money.
  3. I own the mini and I love it. It is a bit on the smaller side though, and I know a lot of people like volume hits, so the tall is probably gonna be your better bet. Either way you can't go wrong. The mini is a fucking awesome semi-portable tube.
  4. I've got a mini, it's 12 inches not 15. compared to my 18 inch roor beaker, it hits way nicer. can't compare it to the full size though
  5. thanks guys the mini is more expensive...but i think the portability is worth it

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