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  1. If i just used my sink water and boiled it would that lower the pH lvl of the water because pH is very high around here...or does it not matter for germination what the pH is
  2. Here is an excerpt from an article called "Why does boiled water taste different?" by

    "The dissolved carbon dioxide reacts with the water to give carbonic acid (H{-2}CO{-3}) which in turn dissociates reversibly to give low concentrations of hydrogen (H{++}) and bicarbonate (HCO{-3}{+-}) ions.

    Thus the pH is regulated by the amounts of dissolved carbon dioxide and bicarbonate ions (of all sources).

    However, the bicarbonate ions are vulnerable to heat and undergo thermolysis to give carbonate ion and carbon dioxide (as 2HCO{-3} CO{-3} + CO{-2} + H{-2}O). This and the other regular carbon dioxide, including the dissolved oxygen are expelled from water when boiled.

    Even when cooled, the reentry of carbon dioxide cannot fully make up the loss of bicarbonates. All this means a reduced concentration of bicarbonate ions and H{++} ions (increased pH) and an enhancement to that of carbonate ions in boiled water. Hence, the change in the taste of boiled water (even after cooling)."

    I know it gets a little scientific, but in the end it suggests that the PH will in fact rise slightly once the water has cooled.

    Hope this helps.

    Good luck.

  3. YES! that was perfect lol thanks a bunch +rep
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    The simple explanation of all that is that gas is less soluble in hot water than cold water. As a result, when water is boiled there is less carbon dioxide in the water, and thus less bicarbonate (equilibrium must be maintained), thus fewer protons (acid), and the pH goes up slightly.

    However, none of that makes a difference because when you cool the water it'll re-equilibrate with atmostpheric CO2, which will just lower the pH back to where it was.

    Bottom line, boiling water will do nothing for the pH. If the pH of your tap water is too high or too low, the only thing you can do is either buy some "pH up" or "pH down" solutions from your local gardening store (or online) and use that to adjust the pH. The other solution is to buy some distilled water from your grocery store.

    The only benefit to boiling your water is to remove chlorine and to sterilize the water.

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