S.O.S late bloom emergency! plants dying from what?(pics)

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by mariahcarey, May 13, 2011.

  1. The plants have been slowly decaying since my last water about 5 days ago. I fed them 2.5 gallons each of reverse osmosis water and spread 3tsp. of tiger bloom and 1.5tbsp. of molasses which i hear is good for the plants. The plants have experienced a lot of hardship because im a first timer and it also has had powder mildew for like 2 months but ive been treating it somewhat succssfully with Greencure, a potassium spray with some other stuff in it. why are these plants dying/severely yellowing?

  2. they look like they were burned alive
  3. dont add the molases its either very acidic or alkaline i forget which. you probably are running into ph problems
  4. dude i would chalk that up to a learning experience. scrap it and start over man those plants are toasted.
  5. can i still harvest and smoke those?
    or did i just lose
  6. cut them down now and you will get some smoke of them my friend DONT PUT THEM IN THE BIN
  7. I would try bat guano before ripping them off. Them upper stems being purple and leaves burning/dry, I call that a need for phosphorus.

    You should see if they are getting back in 48hrs, if not... Well, whatever you'll have some bat guano for your next run.

  8. too heavy on the nutes.
  9. Im fairly new to the grow game but i did a lil homework before i started and i had a few issues but i will say it looks like chem burn. flush flush flush take em to the shower and run plain water until it starts to look clear. I used fox farm nutes none of which i used at full stregnth. And assuming u used veg food if u just switched from veg to flower food its possible u could have shocked the plant!! u stiil need N to promote healthy flowering at least in the begging so if u didnt then this could be part of the problem. The only exeptions to the fox farm is the big bloom which is bat guano and earthworm castings and wont burn. As for the powdery Mildew I would suggest neem oil extract during veg as a prevenative measure on your next go around some of the other stuff out there contains unsafe chemicals, I had a gnat problem caught it early with neem and pearlite and saved myself from an infestation!! It might be too late in which case I suggest u do some research and get some books as knowledge is power!! good luck
  10. Too much nutes, try flushing them with pure water. Make sure it is PH ballanced. I have had similar looking plants and flushed them and they recovered. Also it looks like they are pretty close to done anyway.
  11. thank you all for your speedy replies. i hope everything goes well and ill check back to update you guys

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