S...O...B Close call need help fast PLEASE

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    OK this is a REAL story.
    I rent and grow in the garage of a out of the way home. The owners live in another state and I go through a local agency for my rental.
    Anyway I get a call from the owners who say they are in town and want to come by tomorrow to fix a hot tub that has never worked.
    Keep in mind I NEVER have visitors or any traffic at my place what so ever.
    I shut off all electricity to the garage where I have several 5' heavy into flowering plants. ( 2 600W HPS, 750 CFM fan sucking a Carbon filter, Dehumidifier, pumps for bubble buckets, 750 CFM intake fan, you get the picture)
    I figured these people would just stop by for a few hours and then leave as they were only going to be in town for a few days. WRONG!!!!!
    They turn the fixing of this thing into a reunion inviting the neighbors over to help that I have never met and guess what????????????????????????
    One is a COP who brings his patrol car over and parks less than 20' away from what has to be a couple pounds of stinky flowering bud.:eek:
    The pucker factor is so intense that I can barely talk. While in the backyard I try and make small talk with the neighbors who I have never met and are interested in me and what I do and you know all the small talk BS. I know that at this point no one has a clue about my secret in my garage. Well as they are trying to fix the tub and they need a tool.............. I am in the construction trade with a construction truck outside keep in mind, and am asked if I have the tool. Nope is my reply. Nothing in the garage I am asked. Nope.I am shitting enough bricks at this point to build the Great Wall of China.
    It was a nice evening and someone said hey I got one and will run home and get it and pick up some beer. WTF they now want to have a fix it party. Thinking fast I claim I am a little sick and am getting tired and need to get up early for work. This whole time I am trying to be nice and cordial and not try and raise suspicion.
    Everyone including the cop who by the way is a younger guy and seems OK for a cop, say's hey lets come back tomorrow and finish.
    Everyone left after lingering in the driveway, again being so close to my crop in the garage.
    All I can say is you have ABSOLUTELY no clue how close I was to really shitting myself. We all joke about shitting ourselves, But really I nearly shit.
    I gather myself best as possible and call a buddy to help me completely tear down my operation. The last of the stuff hits the truck and it's daylight the next day
    I have my 5' heavenly flowering plants that need at least 4 weeks to finish. The only place I can keep them is completely DARK 24/7. I am going to have to keep them this way for 10 days. NOTHING I can do. They now sit in a big city environment with people around. Moving them has to be done in the middle of the night.
    AM I SCREWED? Am I going to loose these plants? What can I do?
    Yes I know I should be lucky not to be busted. But these plants have the sweetest buds and are going so good. Yes I know I can't smoke my Ganja in prison. I should have just chopped everything and counted my blessings. But look less than 24 hours ago I almost shit myself from fear and was not thinking clearly. I am thinking about chopping the very early bud and ending my butt puckering. What do you think?
  2. shit i feel for ya mate! tell ya what bro i will keep a eye on them for yano probs lol! wont ya buddy who helped move things baby sit em? give im a good deal say 70 30? 65 35 to finnish em off? i had to chop 3 weeks early once n was gutted mate but it was ok smokable just not as good as would av been so your the onley one mate to answer your qs can ya get sumone to take over? is it at a smokable stage? cud ya be ok in a day or 2 to kick it back up? soz mate n good luck but your the on who knows the answer!!!
  3. Why don't you call up your landlord and tell him you were not comfortable with what happened. Say you are agoraphobic and you had a really hard time dealing with all the people. This can be confirmed by you never having company.

    it's illegal for him to invite people over like that. It's your property as long as you are renting it. He MUST give you notice, and CAN NOT force you to have people over.

    Tell him to fix the hot tub quickly.

    The only thing I could tell you is to buy some smaller lights, and move your operation to a closet.

    Some cfl's will keep your stuff alive, and help keep heat down without ventilation. even 1 t5 will keep your plants alive.

    It's just temporary, so get what you can afford. You will also need vaportek neutral disks, a lock for you room, and a carbon scrubber (or 2).

    Are you plants worth 300 bucks?

    If you keep them in the dark, they could hermie, but regardless it will be bad. They will most likely loose all their color. They could and most likely will die.

    If it were me, and I had no way at all possible to keep light on them I would harvest them and turn the crop into OSG's Golden goodness.


    When you bake, some of those inactive thc's will be converted, so it won't be a total loss.
  4. Whew better now.
    I have taken them to a friends house and put them in his sauna room. I was able to get one of my 600W HPS light in there along with my timer. The thing will hold out all unwanted light as I give them only 12 hours a day and right now here in AK light is finding it's way into everything being light almost 21 hours a up here. I have no ventilation so I am hoping it won't stink up the place too bad for the upstairs neighbor to catch on.
    I can bring them back home in 7 days to let them finish. They were very healthy plants and hope that 2 days of dark won't hermie them. They looked all good when I set up the light today so I am crossing my fingers.

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