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  1. :wave:I need too clear some questions i dont undestand:
    1. can u smoke buds "consemilla"??? or wen u incest it dont turn to bud?
    2. would i get out of purple wrreck x blue mystic? can u even do that?
    3. Wtf does it mean "bump" n "btw" haha im new to forums n im mexican haha
    4. had another but forgot:smoke:

  2. Whats up guy! lol I can tell ur Spanish because of the whole "consemilla"


    There are forums on this site to ask these questions... and trust, people will flame on you so word of advise... wouldn't be surprised if they move your post somewhere else..

    Further on..

    1. Yes, its called schwag, middies, Middles, regs, regular, brown... and my choice of word, Doodoo Crap!
    2. Im sure some on in the world has cross that strain, look it up... though possible, you would have to breed seeds yourself Starting from a good F1 =)
    2. Bump is written when some one wants to put their thread back on top on main page so people can c it, to get a responce of some sort... lol

    Hope i've been helpful!
  3. Never smoke the seeds lol
  4. 1. If your female plants are pollinated by the male plant you will still create smokable bud but it will ahve seeds in it, not really a big deal, just decreases overall potency.

    2. yes you would get ripped if i was grown right, . . . why would you even ask that

    3. when someone posts a reply to someones thread, if it is stickied it will automatically be sent back to the top of the page, thats why all the red stickies are at the top, and the ones that havn't been posted on in a while are slowly moving down under the weight of the new threads.

    4. i forget sometimes too:smoke:
  5. ok so yea if i breed them rite i can jus wait for the seeds and smoke the bud and wait so i can get more seeeds and more females!!:D thanks for yals reply

    but ok if its nothernlights wit seeds its called mids???????

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