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S h i s k a b e r r y

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by bostondutchmast, Jun 6, 2009.

  1. Ok heres the story...last night after searching and calling a few people i had thee choices of bud to get and who to go to. One place was a 30 min drive and in the ghetto at about midnight for some purple kush. the other choice i had was strawberry cough and ive had that before but he wanted 125 a quater so itold him to go fuck himself. last was an old girl connect i havent called in a while and shes from my town so it was only a minute drive. thank god i called this girl. i told her i wanted a gram to check it out and as soon as she gets in my car it reeks like straight skunk/fuel/rubber man i loved that smell...i asked her for an ounce and she said she only had one mroe gram left so i ended up getting 2 grams for 40.

    Smell: If you have ever had chemdawg this smells similar. very skunky/fuel with a hint of rubber in the back. i can only take a few quick pics because this .6 reeked up my whole house.
    Taste: very smooth very clean fuel/skunk tasting with a aftertaste that stays in your mouth all day
    High: unbelieveable this stuff hit me as qucik as jack herer and i could barely drive. after about two passes of the blunt i was feeling a little high. after i finished the first blunt my eyes were so low i looked ilke an asain

    overeall 9.9/10









    one of my new favorite strains
    sorry for the shity pics but i had to take em qucick because it smelt my houe up so bad.
  2. gorgeous..... i want to try this strain!

    i remember a couple months up that dude posting up pics of his harvest of shiskaberry....

    fuckin like 26 gram buds... look like a shiskabob(no shit right? hhaha)

  3. i got a hp of this about a year ago and looked the same but this stuff reekd. the old shiskaberry i had was very faint smelling but they both got me high...this new stuff just gave me a new appreciation for this strain

  4. shit bro, it was probably you honestly! hahahaha

    too stoned to remember who it was

  5. maybe i posted along time ago but i dont remember ..oh and the stuff i got the hp of i got it from someone else and i got an hp of northern lights with it. the stuff was really good but never reekd like good bud should and his prices were wack
  6. great pick, bud looks to good to be true hah.

  7. thanks i enjoyed it i had a funeral today so it seemed to help me after.
  8. Definitely has that chemdog look that sour diesel has..
  9. looks like some fire :)

  10. yea very similar i love the taste of this and smell. the other bud i had was purple and blue leafs but i smoked that first since it looked the best. but these nugs had some lightish blut hues and purple

    i was also told this was grown in a green house

    thanks i enjoyed it while it lasted

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