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    I always see poeple using these or hear about others wanting a small hydro set up soo here ya go make one! I put mine together for cheap but not planned like that, just used stuff I had:hello:

    - 18 gallon Sterilite tote box $10 (lid and base)
    - Aqua Culture 20-60 Gallon Double Outlet Aquarium Air Pump $12
    - 2 18in. Regent Bubble Curtains by Aqua Tech $5 hook up
    - FountainPro Water Fountain Pump WT-170 (it's quiet and pumps 165gph) $20
    - 6 Kord Regal Standard Pots $0.90 (or u can get nice net pots)
    - 8 Outlet Adjustable Manifold by Rain Drip $Free ($8)
    - 25ft of 1/4 in black drip tube $Free ($3)
    - Aluminum Tape $Free ($5)
    - 3/4 Water heater drain with two rubber washers and two plastic nuts $Free ($5)
    - 4 inches of black tube to go from fountain pump to manifold $Free ($0.50)

    Hook-up Total: $47.90 plus tax
    Regular Total: $69.40 plus tax
    Stealthhydro.com total: $99.95 plus tax and shipping

    Call me a design bitter but I based mine off the stealthhydro.com's bubbleponics system
    Getting the Tote ready

    Step 0:
    Sterilize all the stuff u are going to use!!!!!!

    Step 1
    : Cut out the holes in your totes lid to fit your pots into snugly. I did 2 straight lines of three but I have seen the middle ones cut more towards the center for some reason. You can use a rotozip like me or just a razor knife would work but be careful not to cut too big, snug is better than falling through. I trace the rim of the pot then cut just inside it.

    Step 2: Now take your pots and drill a bunch of holes all over them so your roots can come out and hang down. If u have net pots next step please lol

    Step 3: We move to the base of the tote. Go to the middle and very bottom of one of the sides trace the hole for you water heater spigot and make that hole. You want to leave a nice flat surface about 1/4 around it so be 1/4 up from were it begins to curve. Take one plastic nut and screw it all the way on as far as it will go (i used a pipe wrench... yes that tight). Throw a rubber washer on it slide it through your hole then washer and nut that side. I put water in the tote after its hand tight and tighten it as water leaks out. Once it stops I give it one more good turn and leave it alone.

    Step 4: Grab the Aluminum tape and tape up the complete outside of the tote's lid and base. The reason for this is we want no light shining through causing algae growth. I tape my pots in place also cause once the roots start attaching to my lines and everything in there, those pots aren't going to get pulled out anyways.

    Running your lines I think its best to run your airlines and power cord through the top on one side of the base rather than the lid cause then you can easily lift the lid without disturbing your bubble curtains or fountain pump

    Step 5:
    Place you bubble curtains into the tote and measure the amount of 1/4in drip line you are going to need to get to your air pump. Cut a good spot in the line outside the tote that u can see and install your check valves. Drill 2 small holes inline with the curtains (remember up high on the side) and put them into the tote and connect to the curtains.

    Step 6: Drill a hole for your power cord then cut from the top of the tote base to the hole so u can slide the cord into the hole. Once the cords in, position the fountain pump to the center, and tape the cut you made for your cord to slide down.(remember up high on the side)

    Step 7: Now Take your rain drip or whatever brand manifold, pop 6 elbows off and take a 1/4 inch drill bit to that adjustment piece inside we want full flowing water baby!!! Put your elbows back in. (I also zip tie them to the top, 3 held in on one side, three on the other or you can glue them in somehow) and install manifold to the fountain pump with a 4 inch piece of tubing.

    Step 8: Measure your 1/4 drip lines from manifold to pot and leave some slack in the line. You can route them to go in the side of the pot under the lid and zip tie them there but I do it differently (not better jus different). I drill a hole in the lid and in the side of my pots rim. and run my line through the lids hole into the pots rim hole and pouring into the center.(be sure your lines and medium is covered by your hydroton or river rock because the water being able to see light will cause algae growth on your growing medium...gross)

    Test time

    Step 9:
    I use five gallons of water in it at a time. Fill it up with the water and plug in your air pump and fountain pump take a peek under the lid do u see all the bubbles? And is your water going into your pots? If not make sure all you lines are connected correctly and in the right place.

    Step 10: Grow baby grow!!!!

    I hope this helps some people not be scared of making these things. Its super easy and I think has great possibilities with LST, Topping, Fimming, SCROG. I'm Topping and LSTing my first grow with this set up and so far so good Everything has stayed together a month into it, no algae growth, no mold or anything. Let me know if you have a questions comments or concerns!!! happy to help:D:smoking:

    I'm going to make another one very very soon and I will take step by step pictures when I do.
  2. I might follow this hydro setup for my future clones.

    What do you buy to measure the pH and nutes control? since hydro needs to be very strict.
  3. I have a ph meter and as of right now just follow my nuts directions lol My ph doesn't really fluctuate at all stays pretty steady at 5.8 But thats after I get it to the correct ph after adding to the water the nuts and then using ph down usually
  4. do you use a digital ph meter, or the simple metal prong type for the soil?
  5. a digital one u can get em cheap on ebay
  6. good post! Could you please post a photo of the manifold arrangement?
  7. Thanks for this! I've been wanting to get into hydroponics for a while now. I won't be growing my ladies hydroponically but I'm gonna give some of my vegetables a go in this thing. Great guide, sticky please, +rep
  8. thanks and funny you should say that cause my friend just made one to grow his peppers in lol thanks for the rep too!:smoking:
  9. no problem I will post a pic within a couple house
  10. pics would be a lot easier
  11. oh damn I never posted them I will today!
  12. that would be appreciated
  13. well man with all the roots hanging down and the weight of the plants and where its at i can't really get good pics you'll jus have to wait a couple weeks for when i harvest then i will take pics and post em

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