S.F. Sage's amazing first grow

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  1. I know you got a kick out of that title lol.

    So yeah this is my very first grow, I've read so many of the write ups, past threads, and ask many questions too. I figured that it is only uniform to the forum to have a write up on this grow. Since I am already a month in I think I am starting kind of late but hey better late than never. Enjoy watching "S.F. Sage's amazing first grow"


    Set up:
    Home made bubbleponics with 6 plants, 16 CFL's, 2 flouros, in a emergency blanket cover room about 4ft x 4ft x 8ft.

  2. I started off planting the seeds in some pots covered with a sandwich bag till they sprouted. After about 6 days I transplanted them into the hydro setup. They initial got a bit of nut burn because I hate that shit way to much for some babies lol but three made it through and I killed one and bought 3 clones as u can see here http://forum.grasscity.com/general-indoor-growing/337253-clones-i-got-em.html

    heres lots of pics of when I topped them and was just figuring out how I was going to attack this grow. http://forum.grasscity.com/absolute-beginners/336293-topped-my-plants.html

    Algae!!! had a really bad case of it that I had to clear up I wound up going with river rock rather than the hydroton i stated i changed my mind at the last secondhttp://forum.grasscity.com/sick-plants-problems/342861-algae-agony.html

    new light fixture and recent pics of bud here http://forum.grasscity.com/general-indoor-growing/343544-made-new-light-fixture.html

    I will from now on keep everything else going on in here hopefully i get some watchers.

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