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  1. I have been checking my trichomes and they look like its ready to harvest, all cloudy with 30% or more amber. I have heard some conflicting information. I have heard that harvest when you have cloudy and amber trichomes. By that standard I belive I am ready to harvest. Then I heard (on gc, i think) that you need to wait untill the fan leaves start to die, and an outdoor plant wont be ready unill after Oct. 15 more or less. My plants fan leaves have not yet started to die some are tuning yellow. Should I harvest now or wait for more amber and wait for the fan leaves to start to die. I quick dried a little sample last night and got so stoned. I would not be dissapointed if that was the final product. I do not know the strain (bag weed), and I am not in any danger of frost. Any help will be great.
  2. sounds like you answered your own question..."I got so stoned."

    I think that the longer you wait, the more THC will break down to CBN and CBD.
  3. It is the color of the Trichs that determine when your plant is ready to be harvested many like to harvest when they are half cloudy, half amber. Cloudy gives a up energetic high,, amber is more of a narcotic couch lock high so half and half you get the best of both!
    The color of the leaves has no bearing on when your plant is ready. It also depends on the strain some are long flowering some are short.Go by the Trich color. It sounds like yours it at its peak so within the next few days harvest!

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