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  1. i've got a small area to grow in that is 4 feet wide and 2 feet in depth and about 8 feet high that will be split into two levels but i would like to use fluorescent tubes for the vegetative stage but i can't figure out how many i should use i wanted to use 36" tubes but i'm unsure how many i would need and of what watt because i've noticed the wattages tend to be very low. or where i can even find them?
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    If you use the search feature - you can find a lot of good threads on fluoros and CFL's (note especially Kamel's threads... they're the best IMO)
  3. i've read most of those i jus don't understand how the fluoros distribute the lumens/watts throughout the long tubes so i can't figure the amount that i need because they are hard to find in high watts

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