Rye bread sucks

Discussion in 'General' started by ParanoiaKills, Aug 28, 2017.

  1. I mean, this is coming from a guy who likes fancy, healthy and artisanal breads, with sourdough being my fave. But I just went to a my fave restaurant, ordered my fave meal, but they are out of sourdough. Figured hey, I haven't tried rye bread in a long time, let me grab some of that


    This stuff doesn't even taste like bread!! Nor does it have the texture, or the consistency of any type of bread I've tried before

    But figured I'd start a bread thread. What's your fave type of bread? What do you put on it? Pics of your bread are welcome, and appreciated. This thread can go all the way to even what's your fave sandwiches, cuz who doesn't love a yummy sandwich after a fattie session

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