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  1. Hey guys, I used to have a 400 watt setup in a great big space but I've recently moved and have almost a fraction of that. I'm staying in an RV camper at the moment and I have a CFL grow light setup. In the bathroom I have an empty shower area that I want to start using, since I do all my restroom requirements in the house of the property I'm on, I don't use this space. Well the temperatures here get pretty cold, 26 F the other night and even though I have a heater running for some reason the bathroom stays pretty cool. Even though it is not as cold as the actual outside temps, I'm still a bit concerned.

    Well I guess my main question is what are the oppinions on how well the plants will hold up with the cold? I have a Dinafem Critical + I plan on popping here soon as well as one other unknown strain. I figured since the Critical has an indica lineage, it might be able to withstand the cooler temps but this is only a guess. Any info on this would be very helpful, thanks guys.
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    Not much help, this is what came to mind though.
  3. You are right, your post is useless
  4. No way to answer your question since you didn't tell us the temps in the bathroom...
  5. The temps range in the mid to low 50's in the bathroom
  6. [quote name='"Spartan8029"']The temps range in the mid to low 50's in the bathroom[/quote]

    I dont see it happening. Tha growth will be dead slow
  7. I'm considering doing the same thing. Did you ever go ahead with the grow?
  8. Sounds like breaking bad... But with weed
  9. What about a cheap HID unit? A small hps with built in ballast is a heat generating BEAST! I got a 400 watter for 80 bucks. I wonder if that would help keep your temps where you want em.

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