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Rusty socket, safe to smoke from?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by GSN1PA360, Mar 23, 2012.

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    So I was scavenging around in my garage to find a piece to make a homemade bong with and I found a small Ratchet Socket, But one problem, It's rusty as fuck... So I took it inside, ran some water through it and used some Q-tips to wipe off some of the rust and after it all came off (what was able to be taken off) there's still some rust on the inside of it, So I dont know if this is safe to smoke from or what... If not then how could I clean it out? What do you guys thing?
  2. FUCK NO!! Use an apple, not a rusty socket.
  3. I mean, I wouldn't smoke out of something thats been rusted...thats just me though :D
  4. I've been looking for a good sized socket forever and it's perfect, I wish I could fix it it sucks, All I need is something I can use as a bowl for a bong until I can go get a glass bong/bowl

  5. [​IMG]

  6. I don't have an apple though :(
  7. clean it proper with soap and hot water, maybe boil it, have it sparkling clean

  8. what he said. heating it should help, even if you smoked it as is the harm to ur lungs would be minimal and i really doubt you have anything to worry about.
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    I was also wondering if after all that I use it to make like a water bong and I was wondering if the water would filter out rust particles. I wish I could upload a picture of it but I cant but basically it has some rust on the inside of it (None on the outside) and i've been attempting to scrub it out for about 10-15 minutes now and it seems to be making some progress but it is still not rust free :(
  10. I really hope this is a joke. Save up 10 bucks and go get a cheap glass pipe or something.
  11. If you can afford your stash, you can EASILY afford the tools you need to use it!

    You have to keep paying for the herb every time you smoke it, whether it's in the form of the months of time, the money, and the effort it took to grow harvest and dry it, or in the form of the cash you hand over to your bud tenders or dealers.

    A $10.00 - $xxxx.xx pipe, bong, or other smoking/vaping device on the other hand, can last you through many, multiple sessions... it can last for years, and even your entire life, if you're careful. :) But if you're using random, hazardous, toxic or carcinogenic materials to smoke your herb however, your pipes begin to stand a better chance of outlasting you. :( :p

    And if you have a hook-up who's been kind enough to regularly give you your herb, for free, there is a chance they'd be kind enough to give you a 'hand-me-down' (or brand new!) pipe, too, if you mention the lengths you've been going through to use their herb. Stranger things have happened. :)
  12. Well yes I do have a bowl but it sucks ass and I always get ashes in my mouth from it, I was just aiming to make a simple homemade water bong so I don't have to get so much ash...
  13. ashes in your mouth? get a screen for it.

    Want to make a waterbong? buy a glass slide/bowl and improv with it. Either a gravbong or a regular looking design.

    I've been there dude but the glass is worth it. The rusty socket probably won't be that bad. I'd reccomend getting a cleaner one though. I had a socket and stuffed a screen in it to stop things from falling through and the screen ended up getting really rusty. Anyways just buy a little glass bowl or something, totally worth it
  14. Well you're not going to get Tetanus, if that's what you're thinking. Tetanus is actually a bacteria found in dirt and has nothing to do with rust.

    However, I'm not sure iron oxide in your lungs is a good thing, so I'm going to say no.
  15. Clean the socket up with some iso and salt. I have found sockets at the dollar store.
  16. Try it and let us know :)
  17. Lol rusty socket omg

    I would brave aluminum foil before a fucking rusty socket
  18. I cleaned the fuck out of it and there was still some rust spots but I smoked out of it anyway, the taste tasted different than what the bud I had usually tasted like, Might have been because I put it on a plastic pipe to use as a bowl or not but I don't think that was very healthy... I need a new idea on a homemade bong
  19. Iron oxide = really bad.
  20. Get a soda bottle..preferably glass..plastic is ok. Create a bowl out of something like aluminum foil with holes in the bottom, but that in the mouthpiece of the bottle.
    Poke a hole somewhere near the top or middle of the bottle and fit a straw or pen thru it..that can be what you inhale from.
    Its like a waterfall bong

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