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Rustbelt Area Warning

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by stonerfriend, Apr 28, 2016.

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  1. I've smoked on an off for 20+ years, and for the past several years I've pretty much been a daily smoker. My state went legal for MMJ last week, and I'm going to go the legal route as I have a condition that will make me qualify for it. Between now and then though, I'm done smoking black market flower due to what occurred last night. I got a bag of what appeared to be mids from a guy I know who has worked for my business occasionally. He said the strain was "white LSD". I gave him the dough for a cut, and he returned with a heavily pinched bag of mids. I've had the LSD strain before....This was not it. The guy's a fucking moron though, so I chalked it up to him getting ripped off vs. me. Whatever.

    I held onto the bag for about a week before I tried it last night, because I still had some pretty decent Gorilla Glue #4 to polish off, and I didn't wanna mix it with the new stuff in my one-hitter. I scoped the new buds just to make sure there was no mold on them. They looked like typical mids. Minimal trichomes, dry and brittle, but no mold or spider mites to be seen. So I ground it all up and tossed it into my hitter. This was last night. I took two decent rips and my wife and I started watching a movie. She didn't smoke....Thank God. I felt nothing at first, then several minutes later, I literally started sliding down the side of the couch and essentially was in a semi-conscious state. The feeling was utterly blissful. It was not a weed high. I've been smoking pot for a long time....I've "felt" it all. This was different. It was amazing. I can't even begin to describe it, quite frankly. After about 10 minutes of this, my wife noticed that I was white as a ghost and barely breathing. I was completely unresponsive. At this time, I was totally out of it. It wasn't like sleeping (from my prospective), but more like non-existence or something. Again, there was nothing psychedelic or weird, trippy, etc about this experience. It was just a state of pure bliss. Apparently she was freaking out and slapping me in the face, though I barely knew what was going on. According to her I finally let out a "gasp" and came out of it, at which point I was a total dick to her and asked her why the fuck she woke me up. For the next 20 minutes, I guess I just bitched at her while I staggered around and finally went upstairs to bed. According to her my pupils were enormous. I remember none of this.

    I slept for about 13 hours, and woke up feeling like total shit with the realization that what I'd done last night was completely different from any smoking session I'd ever had in my life. I texted the guy I got the sack from, and asked him what the hell was up with the weed he'd procured for me. He sent me a little smiley icon and asked me if I liked my "surprise". I'm not totally sure, but I'm willing to bet it was some sort of opiate. There was a story on the news a couple of years ago about weed coming from OH that was somehow laced with a certain deadly substance that's VERY popular in this part of the country, however I thought it was just a bullshit scare tactic. Now I'm not so sure, and last night scared the living shit out of me, so I'm done. Fuck this shit. If these assholes around here can't leave herb alone, then I don't want any parts of it anymore. I'm not sure exactly what was up with that shit, but I've been high on weed enough times to know what it fucking feels like, in all of it's forms and different strains. This was NOT a weed high. There wasn't even an UNDERLYING hint of a weed high. This was something COMPLETELY different, and the scary part is that I know my shit about what herb is supposed to look like and I scope EVERY bag I get just to make sure, as well as to check for mold and mites, and this shit....although obviously mids....checked out 100% under the microscope. Fuckin' scary as shit. The smoke smelled like cat piss though.....That's the only thing that was "off" about it. So be careful folks.
  2. I heard Mrs.Crystal smells like cat piss, but i wouldnt know. For your dealer to hook you up for free youd need to be good friends right? Tell him u just want that sticky
  3. That didn't last long before "other drugs" entered the picture. SMH
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