Rust Spots?! CalMag Defic?

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by ayee_M, Aug 8, 2017.

  1. Yellowing/Rust Looking Spots
    Happening on Top Leaves.

    Coco Coir
    GH Nutes/ProTekt
    1Gal Fabric Pot
    I assumed ph was off, might have been to low. I use droppers to test. I raised it higher, looks like itd be higher than 5 but lower than 6.(runoff ph)
    I overdid it on Foilar spraying too.

    CalMag Defic? Folair feed Burn from Lights? PH lockout?.....A type of Mold?

    I hope its any except the mold.

    The white spots I think are from foilar spraying with Pro Tekt.
    Spots appeared this morning while the yellowing of leaf has been 2days but hasnt yellowed more.

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  2. Been checking for bugs, dont really c any. I have kulled 3 small red ones moving around other than that tho nothing much moving.

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