Rust-colored decay on leaves, pH or nute burn?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by belialtheunholy, Jan 14, 2010.

  1. This is a Hawaiian Snow plant that's about two months old and its doing fine with the exception of this deficiency that I just can't possibly identify.

    It's in a soilless mix, pH is about 7.2
    Temp: 72-76, 40-50% humidity.
    I feed it the entire Roots Organics line, according to their schedule.
    400w air-cooled MH, about 9 inches off the plant.
    Fresh air constantly being circulated with an 18" oscillating fan.
    Intake air is sucked in through a 180cfm can fan right from outside (constant fresh air).

    I thought it was a magnesium deficiency, but I've been foliar feeding her for about two weeks now with a solution of epsom salt and fresh water but that doesn't help.

  2. id say it definately resembles a ph problem. not sure about those rust colored spots tho. im not a soil grower but i think 7 is to high. might wana double check on that tho as i said not a soil buddy
  3. what soilless mix are you using? And what are the plants in container wise (pots, buckets, DWC, etc...)?

    IMO the ph is definitely too high. Hydro 5.8 - 6.0, soil range 6.3-6.8.

    Personally I wouldn't foliage feed, but that's me. As the water evaporates, the salts that were in the water remain and tend to burn the leaves.

    Good luck :smoke:
  4. I really appreciate everybody's help... really.

    It was definitely a pH problem. I bought some Earth Juice pH Up and Down today, and applied it with its feeding schedule, so hopefully I can see some results soon.

    I also add Roots Organic's Oreganism. So hopefully all the helpful bacteria will assist in regulating the pH.

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