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  1. First of all, I would like to thanks AugustWest , I used his guide to learn how to make QWISO, and I have since fallen in love with it.

    AugustWest's Guide can be found by clicking this link QWISO GUIDE

    I do it only slightly different than his guide, but I still wanted to share my process for others to enjoy if anything.
    I used a bunch of stems I had been saving for about a month , and trim from my Extreme LST experiment plant. Link to the Extreme LST plant .

    Here we go :

    First of all, here's a pic of the supplies (minus the ISO)


    Step 1 , Get your Dry Trim and Jar ready


    Step 2 , Put your trim in your mason jar.


    Step 3 , Get your ISO ready to pour over the trim.


    Step 4 , cover your trim material with the ISO , and shake for about 30 seconds .


    Step 5 , Get your strainer and bowl ready .


    Step 6 , Pour your Iso soaked trim through the strainer, and strain well.


    Step 7 , I used two mason jars, one standard , one wide mouth, and a coffee filter . Pour ISO liquid into standard mason jar , and cover with filter and rubber band . Then tip into the wide mouth jar and wait. I do this for a second strain to get smaller debri out , and I can just set it and forget it untill it drains, becuase they fit together nicely .


    After awhile draining


    Debri caught


    Step 8 , Pour filtered ISO liquid from widemouth jar into a Pirex Dish to evaporate in.


    I use a small heating pad , and a fan .


    After its dried you can use a razor to scrape it up



    And there you go ! Some of the greatest stuff on earth !! Put it on top of your bowls to make them last longer and get super high , or let your friends smoke it for amusement !

    Hope you all enjoyed ! :wave:
  2. Thanks for this. I made some of this today using this guide and it was amazing. +rep!
  3. Nice guide bro, i like the dual mason jar with coffee filter and rubberband, shit takes forever to drain through, +rep
  4. Love the guide, dude...+rep. Never thought of putting two jars together like that. Have you noticed any difference in quality between this method and another, like AWs?

    Beautiful LST work, by the way. I like the shot of the plants skeleton after harvest, it looks so gnarly.
  5. Good guide, but, i prefer panty-hose, over coffee filters.
  6. yo man this guide is legit thanks for the tips. but how much iso do you usually put in the jar?

  7. I put enough to cover the trim/stems the jar was nearly full, just enough space for me so shake it and slosh it around.
  8. yeah that's badass!!

    nice guide dude.. thanks for posting it! +rep

  9. Thanks guys ! :wave:
  10. Sorry if this is a ridiculous question but are there any health risks from smoking QWISO?
  11. If you make it using 50% or 70% ISO, then yes. Pretty much the higher the proof of alcohol, the more evaporates. If you use 91%-99% it's just pure amazing gooeyness.

  12. As far as I know, as long as all of the ISO has evaporated you should be fine. If it's not dried, the worst you may encounter is a flaming bowl and some horrible fumes...just don't overdo it, ya know - use as little ISO as possible, which will reduce drying time and also the risk of it harming you.

    + what B_herb said :) ^
  13. an even dumber question

    what the hell is this making? does that shit get you high if you smoke it? WTF people

  14. um. This is a really dumb question. But, atleast you're aware of that.

    It's hash.

    THC. The stuff that gets you high. Extracted. It's straight THC. Which is the "chemical" that gets you high.
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    This isn't Qwiso, Quick Wash ISO. See how your tincture (thc and iso) is green? You soaked it way to long for a Qwiso, this is just an iso extraction. You need to put the bud/trim/stems in a open ended tube, filter at bottom and pour ISO through it a 3-4 times, QUICK WASH, get it? In a quick wash you will then purge it and end up with a very nice sap looking extract that is EXTREMELY pure. Thats why your hash is brown and brittle, it has impurities in it. You get quantity from your method, not quality. QWISO = quality. Not bagging on you or anything, just pointing out this isn't qwiso.

    Depending on how long you purge the real Qwiso will determine how dark/light in color it is and its viscosity. Here is a Qwiso guide, its older but hits everything important in a qwiso extraction.

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    Listen the reason it's not that viscous honey like substance is simply because he used shake n stem. Shake obviously produces less QWISO than High grade nug. Basically when you have a shitton of trichs sitting at the bottom of your pyrex or whatever you're using it you end up with that honey gooey stuff. The kief like crystals is not indicative of quality but rather quantity. You get the oil when you have like 1/2 inch+ of trichs in your dish. Also runny oil can be the result of an incomplete evaporation. Last time I made QWISO with high grade nug (4-5gr into .8-1gr) it resulted in those crystals which imo are a pain in the ass to move around and smoke cause it's like kief but super sticky.
    This is around 18-20gr of high mids worth of qwiso notice the super condensed oil form:


    I really prefer the oil form though cause it seems like it's the most dense collection of trichs ever. I just use a little dab of it to get me fried as opposed to the crystal form where it bubbles off rather quickly. I'm still inept as to measuring out a good dose in that form as I've not had too much time to play with it :smoke:

    bah completely forgot so before I get high and forget again I gotta say freezing prior to scrape can affect the consistency and if you're really going for super high grade using only the most fire of buds then you might want to switch out coffee filters as their is a lot of debris that clogs em up which slows down the flow to a drizzle and maybe would affect quality. Obviously not too important doing a 5 sec wash would have a much much greater effect on quality but I usually stick to 30s for stems and 20-25 for nug.

  17. Thanks for the defense :cool:.... I didnt use pure bud to make this, I used a bunch of scrap.. And I did soak it a bit longer than normal yes, and it still resulted in a full melt hash.. yum yum :smoke:
  18. Straining through the two mason jars is an excellent idea. I'm definitely going to start doing that. +rep, man
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    Quality is low, liquid after wash should be clear to dark amber. An easy way for newbies to achieve this is to grind your bud if moisture is present or break by hand or scissors if it is bone dry(I know everyone says leave it whole but you lose weight), get a container with holes on both ends, mesh strainer one end, get 99% alc, put bud on top of mesh, put double sided container over something to collect liquid, pour alcohol over bud, check liquid color, then repeat until just before liquid is green(comes with exp). Finish by filtering golden liquid through a coffee filter then double boil or cold dry depending on tastes(I do both). If you double boil then finish in the oven @ ~220 degrees for 15 minutes. What you scrap is reminiscent of BHO, solid amber. Not trying to hijack, just trying to educate.

  20. Hey Man, you keep on doing what you do. and Ill keep making big ol batches of Hash and getting super high off my homegrown, thats How I roll . :cool:

    I Really dont care if its a little greener, and slightly less pure than whatever your doing. I make a whole batch of this in 18 hours, and it lasts me for weeks , FULL MELT HASH BRO , so put that In your pipe and smoke it dog. :cool:

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