Russy's 2010 Outdoor Flower Power Grow

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    Hello all ! :wave: I decided to do a grow journal for my single plant Barneys Farm Flower Power indoor/outdoor grow.

    It will be above ground in a pot for ease of moving it (rainy/stormy days) . Ill keep the journal updated the best I can. Hope you all enjoy !

    Location : Indoor/Outdoor

    Pots : Party Cup -- 3 Gallon Smart Pot (see thumbnail)

    Soil : Promix HP 3.8 cu. ft. with Mycorrhizae compressed bale : Link

    Genetics :
    Barneys Farm Flower Power Feminized

    • Sex : Feminized
    • Flowering : Autoflowering
    • Flowering Time : Medium
    • Height : Medium
    • Characteristics : Flower Power yields beautiful colas that produce a fragrant, tasty smoke
    • Type : Indica
    • Genetics : Auto flowering X BF #1 Kusk
    • Outdoor Harvest : April to October
    • THC Level : 12% -16%

    Barneys Farm Flower Power Feminized is a cross between a rigorous auto-flowering Lowryder and Barneys Farm vibrant and powerful Kush parent lines. After much breeding Barneys Farm created the new and amazing auto-flowering Flower Power.
    The plant requires careful watering and feeding and good drainage of the soil is necessary. The more light this plant enjoys the better it's cannabis seeds will perform. But expect it to finish flowering just 70 to 75 days after sowing.
    Flower Power yields beautiful colas that produce a fragrant, tasty smoke, offering concentrated aromas and sweet flavors that linger. The effects from this Indica-dominant strain allows you to shift down a gear as muscle tension eases. Flower Power is a really good evening buzz after a tough day.

    Nutrients : (see thumbnails)

    • Pure Blend Pro Grow 3-2-4 (Vegetative Formula)
    • Pure Blend Pro Bloom 1-4-5 (Fruit and Flower Formula)
    • Cal-Mag Plus 2-0-0 (bio-catalyst for plants)
    • Grandma's unsulphured Molasses



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  3. Sup Russy -

    Finally got my grow goin, so far so good - like Newbie I had fungus gnats (little fuckers) Took great pleasure in eliminating the bastards.

    I wish you the best of luck and I'm pullin up a barcalounger for this one!:smoking::D

  4. ya you dont see too many outdoor grows. Im watching too. good luck to ya mate.:)

  5. Thanks Rockeau , Growing inside with soil seems to = gnats . :(

    Im looking forward to an outside grow ! Thanks for watching .

  6. Thanks ! :wave:

    Ill try to do an update every 2 days at least.
  7. ill be watching. im suposed to be geting a flower power aswell but my attitude order hasnt made it here yet. i hate waiting.
  8. Flower Power is a strain? It sounds like a BIG BUD strain, mixed with an outdoor prone strain.:p

  9. There's a link in the first post to the genetics. :wave:
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  11. I put it outside today for 5 hours. hopefully i will be able to do that for the next 4 to 5 days. The forecast doesn't look very promising.

    Pic update coming tmrw !
  12. Yep more rain and cold comin - cliche for us eh? I got a Barneys Farm blue cheese and it has been a strange ride so far. It sprouted with three cotlydons and then three blades all symetrical. some pics in my gallery. IT was beautiful.....Then it mutated into something from the movie alien. :eek: Now it looks like a cross between romaine lettuce and kale.

    I've kept her going but it reminds me of Newbies #4 it looks so similar. Id prolly chop it up and smoke its carcass, but its feminized and an investment. So until it looks dangerous, shes gonna live...

    Thanks for the update! hope the weather cooperates!

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    3rd Update ~April 26th 2010~ : Day 4

    Second day outside , I have been bringing it inside at night because its still pretty chilly. The wind today is about 10 MPH , so that should help strengthen up the stalk. Forecast still doesn't look good for the coming days, not sure if it'll be able to be outside much after today. Hoping for the best.

    March 1st is the acclimation goal . Id like to have it outside full time by them.

    Day 4 pic (outside)


  14. Subbed, looking nice so far!
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    5th Update ~May 5th 2010~ : Day 13

    Had some slow growth there for a few days with low light , and adverse conditions outside.
    It has since been added to my indoor grow until the weather stabilizes .
    But Its starting to come around now, hoping to have it outside full time sooner rather than later.


  17. alriaght now were rollin. My seeders are just gettin rollin to. Good pics.:wave:
  18. i cant wait to get mine started looking good
  19. subscribed. lookin good
  20. Awesome Bro Im Growing Flower power Outside Aswell, I Will Def Be Checking In

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