Russy's 2010 Guerrilla Grow -details & updates-

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    Ok , Starting my Guerrilla grow thread for the 2010 year. It will be my first guerrilla grow . So any advice is always welcome. I wasn't going to keep a thread , but I figured what the heck, hopefully someone can get some enjoyment out of it , and hopefully I will have fun updating it.

    Alright. Lets get some details.


    8 Plants in total .

    Genetics are a personal mix of strains that i have been growing indoors . It will be fun to see what the cross ends up being, hopefully its stable ! Started the seeds inside a few weeks ago , and have slowly acclimated them to the outside environment. They went from party cups , strait into the ground.

    Genetics are now 3 of the above mentioned strain, a personal breeding mix that is not named , 1 Mutant plant that's of an unknown strain and 4 White Queen's .


    I have fenced most the plants around with wire. The rest have fishing line as a pest deterrent. Also have some Neem spray that I will use as preventative area treatment for bugs and pests .

    Let me know what you all think so far, Ill update with some pics ! :wave:
  2. 1)


    3) with fence







  3. Nice Russy! looking good! but just as a little tip, If I was you, I would cover the exposed dirt with random vegitation.

  4. What would the reasoning for this be?
  5. Camouflage!:wave:
    I dont know how remote your current spot is, but from the air, the lack of vegitation may be easy to see. otherwise, you are kicking some serious ass.

  6. Cool, Good call, Ill have to round up some sticks or something :)
  7. Hold in some extra moisture thats cookin out the top of that soil too, and keep the top of the roots cool. Luck man
  8. I smuggled in some nice 1 1/2 foot tall cages for all the plants and anchored them well into the ground several inches. I was pleased with the operation, you literal cant see the cages until your standing on top of them !
  9. Cool setup man. Looks like you're getting some pretty good light exposure in that spot. Check out my natural cages for my plants :p
  10. Ive had one day of sun since these things went in the ground.... mother nature.. :( I have a pondering question for any experienced outdoor growers . I have a 1 1/2 -2 foot tall fencing around the base of the plants , should i remove those when the plants get larger or just leave them , also, should i use them to LST around ?
  11. Hey Russy!
    Sorry to hear that the northwestern weather has sucked :(
    I would LST if i were you, maximize your total end product, i mean why not?
    If you LST, I'd either remove the fence all together, or add more wire around it to give it a larger diameter, but then again i am a noobie!:smoking:
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    They are bout 1 1/2 - 2 Feet in diameter and 1 1/2 - 2 feet tall.
  13. Update :

    Finally a bit of sun coming , everything looks good , the one plant that had bug damage hasn't gotten any worse , And I can clearly some new growth on all of em. Here's a few random pics.


    A Bug :



  14. damn russy i didnt know you were going at guerilla style as well. good shit man. girls look great. sub'd:smoking:
  15. very nice updates mate!
  16. i just found your guerilla grow. looking pretty good man. im sending positive vibes for your outdoor adventure.
  17. I need em ... Its not even worth updating.... yet. we will see if some actual decent weather changes things... But im pretty disappointed thus far in my guerrilla adventure.
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    Update :

    Still pretty pathetic , early spring weather in mid June...go figure... The patch is starting to do a little, but very slow going still for a month in....

    Small Update on each plant

    Number 1 and 2 are doing fine.

    Number 3 (first pic) is a big girl, its the one that went out a week earlier than the rest and also had some potting mix back filled into the hole , no others had this. Some slight bug damage , But recently treated all the babes with Neem.

    Number 4 (second pic) is the runt of the pack.

    Number 5 (third and fourth pic) Got topped a week or so ago, and is finally showing some branching

    Number 6 (fifth pic) has shown some vertical growth , but seems leggy....

    Number 7 (sixth pic) was getting really tall, So i did the first of some Low stress training on it.

    Number 8 and 9 are doing fine

    PICS :







  19. ohhh sorry Russy,

    saw the update ..but didn't comment :smoking:, they actually look good, for the rain and clouds this year, and using some potting soil works wonders on establishing the plants IMHO.

    all I can say is, this northwest weather sucks ass this year... I think it has killed my pineapple chunk, and lemon skunk... so be glad they live.

    it looks like the sun is finally here to stay though :cool:, so the next few weeks should be fun, with an explosion of growth.

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