Russian weed company buys domain for 200,000

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    \n\nWho saw that coming? The high-profile site has been bought by a company called Weed Growth Fund\n[​IMG]

    When controversial domain name hit the market<span> earlier this month, owner Jon Schultz was hoping to cash in on the global fear and media furore surrounding the disease for the princely sum of $150,000. Now, TIME reports that Schultz has found an unlikely buyer: Russian company Weed Growth Fund has snapped up the domain for $200,000. Quids in. </span>
    There's no word on what the weed-related business will use for, although we do know that it paid $50,000 in cash and handed over 19,192 of its own shares (valued at around $160,000) in a medical marijuana company called Cannabis Sativa.
    What's the link between Ebola and marijuana? publisher and internet entrepreneur Elliot Silver asked Schultz, who said he had no idea – but he did send a link to this article in which Cannabis Sativa CEO Gary Johnson claims that cannabis is a cure for the disease.
    You can watch him say pretty much the same thing in this Fox News video below:
    Johnson has since backtracked somewhat on his claims, saying that he was only arguing that there for further research into the potential of certain cannabis compounds to treat the disease.
    So, in summary: has been bought by a Russian weed company, who paid partly in cash and partly in shares of another company whose CEO believes that cannabis could treat Ebola. So the next time somebody tries to nick your stash, tell them it's to treat Ebola – they'll leave you alone pretty quick.

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