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  1. Hello everyone, I am here to present myself as being a new register to the forum, I have read from this forum for years, reading the just got caught stories, cop stories, and other interesting posts all over this forum. I am a Russian blooded, Russian speaking, 5'11" 160lb guy that was born in Manhattan.
    Anyways I would like to mention the first time i've smoked, a few years ago in which I got completely baked. At this time I was tiny, like 5'5" and 120lbs. I used to play table tennis in 9th grade with a junior, and senior friend in high school. We would drive every monday around 6pm and come back around 11pm when our parents were usually sleeping and usually went to bed to get ready for school the next day. Anyways, my friends and I and their two other friends who give us a ride home started talking about smoking, and they asked if I ever would, in which case I agreed. So they said that one day they will let me try it. So the golden night came, we stopped at a gas station where we can get a blunt wrap, but nobody was 18, so we got my senior friend with a beard to go in there. They assumed he was 18 I guess, or something but anyway we ended up with the blunt wrap. So we drive to a somewhat secluded area and the driver takes out a half ounce of high grade mids! He rolls the whole half ounce! Anyway we start driving and passing the blunt, I hit it and I believe I started coughing, and I immedietly start feeling start of a numbing effect. I told them I was pushing my temple and I didn't feel anything and that it was numb, and they were like what the hell dude don't do that or you will hurt yourself and feel it when you're sober. I took some big hits too, and I believe I took about seven hits. So one of them told me to watch the green/white destination road signs and I watched it while we drove by and then he snaps his finger and says boom it's gone and that shit vanished! I looked back and was like wtf. Next thing you know I start day dreaming that I am on a beach sitting on a chair with drinks on it, watching the waves and I could hear the noise of the waves clashing down and sounded so realistic, unbelievable. I daydream for like fifteen minutes while I was rocking my body and nodding my head back and forth. I snap out of it and see everybody looking at me and laughing.. like yoo he's blazed! I started thinking about the universe and I would see 3d images in my imagination like I can zoom in, rotate planets. It was amazing and they put on the song "poker face" by kid cudi and it felt so amazing like I could actually connect with the beats and the music. Next thing you know we get to my friends house and I gave them a big thank you, and they told me not to tell anybody in school so I wouldn't get in trouble, which I never intended to anyways. They did a practice setup as if my dad was asking me questions like what have you been doing tonight yada yada so he dosen't know i'm high. So we get inside his house and I am like damn I have to sleep over here and get a ride with my friend in the morning or else my dad will find out. My friends dad was sleeping too so it was chill. So I call my dad and start talking Russian and i'm not sure how but I talked pretty good Russian with him even though I was so blitzed. My friend had a dog and I started crawling on the floor with it and calling it a monster and like talking and playing with it. My friend grabbed an orange but I didn't feel many munchies when I was blitzed, but I was like sweet an orange! I had some of the orange and it tasted so tangy and good it was amazing. Then we decided to go to bed and I don't think I've ever slept so good. I woke up still feeling somewhat high and get ready and go to school with my friend. I was like yoo are you still high..?!! and he's like no why are you? I was like yeah dude! I felt tired that day at school, like a different tired like I would not be able to really concentrate like kind of in and out tired, which I also felt three days later! That was my best smoking experience, and I don't think I could mimic this experiece. I didn't smoke for a year then I got some sour diesel and waited for my dad to go sleep so I could smoke and shower. I smoked one hit and immedietly got a boner when I was naked and I was like wtf lol. So I got really baked again out of tin foil (stupid I know, but a newbie dosen't really have anything else to smoke out of) All of a sudden I start beat boxing the craziest beats ever for like ten minutes and I was like oh shit wasn't I going to shower..? I get in the shower and I start beatboxing again and I was in the shower for probably like an hour and the water felt so good while beatboxing! This started my improved life of toking, to which I started playing sports better. I tried out soccer as a goalkeeper and I got six shutouts my first season(when you don't let any goals in the whole game) but a lot of the other goals I couldn't do shit about. I was very aggressive during my play, and after every game I would have flashbacks and think wow I did that, I fed off my own ego. I did track and was slow at first running 12:03 for the two mile event and around 5:49 for the one mile event, but doing both events in the same day was a bit tiring. Then I started running faster, and faster. My fastest two mile was in 11:33 (mins:secs) and fastest one mile was 5:09, both of my fastest times became my schools fastest one mile and two mile records in track. I never smoked cigarettes, which I am so glad I did not. I got famous for my sports, on the morning announcements I would hear my name being spoken for shutouts, saves, of the soccer game. I would hear everytime I beat my own record for the one mile or two mile. I soon started getting invited to parties in my high school, and making a lot of friends. People recommended me to play D-1 college soccer.  
    This just goes to show how bud smoking doesn't have a significant effect, if any effect at all on my lungs/athleticism.
    My father has only smoked three times in his life, but my mom I believe smoked when she was younger like five times, she experimented with other drugs I believe, but never was on drugs when she was with my dad and when I was born. They are both Russian citizens that live with me in America and now they smoke cigarettes and like most Russians they drink vodka.
    They aren't fond of smoking anymore, and they wouldn't want to hear a word of me smoking so I keep it on the down low. I go on long distance runs with my German shephard dog, consisting of 5+ miles to around 9-13 miles that gets tracked through a gps running app on my phone, which also helps my tolerance. Last summer I made a goal of 100 miles ran the whole summer, but when I was done, I increased it to 150 miles, which I completed before the summer ended.
    I started smoking a lot, but it was costing money so now i'm taking tolerance breaks and it is definately worth it. I am done with high school, and I might go to college but i'm not sure because my dad wants me to be a police officer, so I will have to quit smoking. I still have to wait till i'm twenty-one years old though, because I am still nineteen. I am pretty sure that nobody would be able to run from me though! I am planning to get like a supermarket job for now though, and start making some kind of money.
    I hope to hear from you blades, and I will be around reading, and doing my thing.      
    From Russian With Love.

  2. I used the Rosetta Stone software for a couple weeks to learn Russian, and I have but one thing to say to you:

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