Russian Scientist Unlocking the Mysteries of the Human Aura

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    Technically this isn't 'new' news at all if you follow ancient Chinese medicine and whatnot. But science is catching up

    [ame=]YouTube - Mind over Matter: Secrets of human aura revealed by Russian scientists[/ame]

    Link to article
    Humans Are Free: Russian scientist: "Consciousness directly influences our world"
  2. not going to lie but that is pretty extraordinary
  3. That's pretty awesome
  4. Going to bed, I'll bookmark it and reply tomorrow.
  5. yes

    and would we say as a family we have a collective aura effect, as humans and the universe
  6. ive been trying to tell people they can change their world with energy for years...
  7. So i'm guessing if you feel positive, good things will come?

    That's like a couple steps away from witchcraft...
    Would like some evidence though.
  8. This is Pandora's Box. You aren't getting any evidence
  9. Nahh that's for the spirituality section.
  10. Seems like the law of attraction pretty much, no?
  11. I try this. When i put my self in a really really good mood i feel like the world is different. But then something happens to pull me down again...and the world begings to suck

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