Russian Reporter Gives Obama the Middle Finger

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  1. [ame=]Russian Reporter Gives Obama The Middle Finger - YouTube[/ame]

    I lol'd hard as fuck.
  2. Hahaha that's so random
  3. i don´t know what...
  4. She's just reading away, says Barack Obama and decides. "This seems like an opportune moment for a quick fuck you."
  5. haha so casual..
  6. It's such a non-chalant fuck you. Lol
  7. if i could, i would personally deliver that reporter an awsome bouquet of flowers. thats exactly what i think of every time i here his name!!
  8. proud to be half russian
  9. Lol too bad the middle finger in europe and russia is actually a "V" shape, so she probobly didn't mean that. Still funny though.

  10. She probably wants to fuck Obama.

  11. wait....what?

  12. Umm no mate, that is universally considered to also be a fuck you gesture.

    seriously, what else did you think she meant?

  13. um actually thats star treck

    and that would suck cus i can only make the v with 1 hand
  14. Its true, the middle finger is certainly NOT universal.
    And the "V" with index and middle, not all four, is actually pretty much the middle finger of Europe.
  15. Its a universal symbol of a phallus.

    It's the same as an obelisk.

    It positively does mean FK YOU!!! We all got the message.

    I love the Russians so much. :laughing::laughing::laughing:

    [ame=""]President Obama scratches his head with his middle finger... - YouTube[/ame]

  16. I know that greece has its 5 fingers towards face equal fuck you thingy... germany has the middlefinger deffinately, luxembourg and france too so i dont know why you would think that... where are you from?
  17. "This post had previously been occupied by obama" *Middle finger*

    I don't think she was directing that towards obama
  18. I'm sure the reporter knows exactly what the middle finger means to Americans

    And in europe, two fingers up means 'up yours'


  19. damn why do you guys keep on posting that :D I allready commented on that :D makes me fell like shit :/ :D

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