Russian Citizen Living in PA Faces Weapon Of Mass Destruction Charge

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    19 years old, already building bombs. You'd think that after the Boston Marathon Bombing, we would have learned something. Apparently, we're still allowing nuts from all over to come here.

    Russian Man Faces Weapon of Mass Destruction Charges in Pennsylvania
    CNN Sunday Jan. 26 2014

    (CNN) -- Authorities in Pennsylvania arrested a 19-year-old Russian man Friday and charged him with possession of a weapon of mass destruction, Altoona police said in a written statement.

    Police officers were investigating a reported marijuana-growing operation when they discovered a homemade bomb and bomb-making materials in a suitcase, the news release said.

    Vladislav Miftakhov, a Russian citizen, was arrested and charged with possessing a weapon of mass destruction, risking a catastrophe and drug-related offenses. He was arraigned Friday and bail was set at $500,000, Blair County corrections officer James McMahon said Sunday.

    According to a criminal complaint, police found one pound of atomized magnesium and one pound of Chinese potassium perchlorate along with a package labeled potassium nitrate powder.

    They also found fuses and several containers of compressed air.

    When asked what he was going to do with two devices that were found with exposed fuses, Miftakhov said "he was going to blow things up," the complaint alleges.

    Miftakhov later said he only intended to set devices off in a field and wasn't going to blow anything up, the document says.

    He told police that he had previously experimented with other homemade explosives in California.

    Authorities found five marijuana seedlings and a grow light, the complaint says.

    Miftakhov will next appear in court on February 5. He will be assigned a public defender, McMahon said.

    The Pennsylvania State Police bomb squad "safely deconstructed" the device, officials said.
    According to the release, Miftakhov told officers that he had purchased materials for the bomb on the Internet.

    A man who lived in the same building told CNN affiliate WTAJ that Miftakhov was "the weirdest individual that I've ever met," but Andrew Leff added that he didn't think Miftakhov had done anything dangerous before.

    Leff told the Altoona Mirror, which identified him as an apartment-mate, that Miftakhov had recently set off three small homemade bombs outside the apartment, leaving small craters in the ground. Another roommate, Steven Taylor, said Miftakhov was quiet.
    "He barely talked," he told the newspaper.

    An independent student newspaper said the Russian native is a student at Penn State Altoona, a branch of the university about 40 miles from the main campus. The Altoona campus has about 3,645 full-time students, according to the school's website.
  2. crazy fucks
  3. We should deport all Russians.can't think of a sig at the moment.
  4. Building a bomb is instantly evil?
  5. There's a LOT of people we ought to deport, not just them.
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    [quote name="garrison68" post="19410135" timestamp="1390758572"]There's a LOT of people we ought to deport, not just them.[/quote]Ya like people from the middle east, they must have ties with terrorists. And Mexicans for being in cahoots with the cartel. :rolleyes:Ps: don't kill me.can't think of a sig at the moment.
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    We should send our criminals, lunatics, religious militants and other undesirables over to these countries for the next fifty years, so that they can get an idea of what we have allowed ourselves to be subjected to.
  8. No, but it's pretty stupid and not just a risk to the person making them.
  9. we cant allow people to have dabgerous things. Freedom isnt worth it!

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  10. If done correctly by a responsible individual it can be as safe as pretty much anything though. I see why its a hard to not have laws against shit like this, but i despise the loss of privacy.
    the world needs another Australia lol
  12. We already are like Australia was, and have been for some time - except the ones sent to us are worse than the indentured and petty criminals that were sent to OZ.
  13. Is it any surprise this is going on though??? You guys love guns like you love your kids, America is gun and bomb country, you've been that way for so long you should know it and be used to the mall/school shootings. What a crock of a society.
  14. Lol. U serious kid?

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    Lead the way.  
    Anyway.  I could of swore I heard about a government program created to stop these 'events'.  "Local police" doesn't sound like what I'm thinking of. 
  16. When I was a kid i had mad craters in my driveway.
    good thing i'm not foreign, huh?
  17. I like to blow stuff up.. At one of my old jobs, we built hydrogen generators and I would fill random things up and explode them and it was awesome. I once was going to make a pipe bomb and build a Lego castle to destroy, but couldn't part with that many Legos.. so I made a tiny house and used a quarter stick.
    Just because someone makes a bomb doesn't mean they want to kill people.. Should we assume everyone that owns a gun wants to shoot someone too? How bout if they own a kitchen knife.. are we to assume they want to stab someone?
    it's surprising how historically relative deviance is.  But i get your point.
    Well, its not like gun violence has been going down for 2-3 decades or anything like that..... or that mass shootings peaked in like the 1930's......
  20. naw dude. Guns are bad mmmmmkaaaay?

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