Russian boy survives two hour flight in an airplane's wing

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    Doctors are trying to do their best to save the hands of 15-year-old boy Andrey Sherbakov, a native of the city of Perm in Russia's Ural region. The boy miraculously survived the 1.300-kilometer flight inside a wing of Boeing-737 jetliner. Surgeons will probably have to amputate the boy's both hands because of gangrene which started developing as a result of severe frostbite.
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    Doctors from the Department of Surgery of the Clinical Hospital for Children in the city of Perm estimate the boy's condition as critical. The plane was flying at the height of 10,000 meters for two hours while Andrey was staying inside one of its wings. As a result, the boy suffered deep frostbite of his both hands.
    When Andrey came to his senses after his extraordinary journey, he told the police that the story started with his decision to escape from his boozing father. The boy had a supper with his grandmother and told her that he was going to spend the night at his friend's, who had a birthday that day. Instead, the boy took a cab and went to the airport. “I had some money with me. I just wanted to take a look at the planes. I was wandering about the territory of the airport and saw a hole in its fence. I sneaked in and approached a big plane . It was already dark and no one saw me. I didn't know what to do next. Eventually, I decided to climb up the landing gear into the wing. When I was in, I sat down there on a tire and fell asleep,” the boy said.
    The boy woke up when the plane was already flying. It is not clear how technicians inspected the jetliner before the takeoff, but they found nothing suspicious.
    “I got so scared and fainted. I don't remember what was happening afterwards. They told me later that I had spent about two hours at the height of 10,000 meters at very low temperatures. I came to my senses again when the plane had already landed. I got down on the runway and collapsed. I could not control my legs and it was very cold,” the boy said.
    The plane landed in Moscow's Vnukovo airport. Employees saw the teenager falling down on the ground from the hull of the plane. The boy was hospitalized in half-conscience state. When at the hospital, the “passenger” was constantly saying that his hands were burning. Andrey's swollen hands did not make it an easy task for the doctors to take off his jacket.
    The boy's mother, Olga, did not know that his son had been hospitalized in severe condition at one of Moscow hospitals. The woman learned about it at night, when a phone rang in her flat and a voice from Moscow spoke to her.
    Andrey's mother arrived in Moscow and took her son back home to Perm because the family could not afford the expensive treatment in Russia's capital. A doctor from the Perm hospital, where the boy is staying at the moment, said that the tissue of the boy's hands started dying away, which may make surgeons amputate both hands of the extreme passenger
  2. Holy fuck, what a champ.
  3. Further proof that people from the Urals are tough.
  4. I too, am a Russian.
  5. that's fucking crazy
    i like how no one noticed him getting into the plane
  6. uhh no hands wtf would he do then,
    if that was me put me into a deep sleep and dotn wake me back up
  7. How will he survive in a country where hands are crucial.... Next week on Dateline.
  8. hahaha
  9. goes to show just how well they check planes before they fly.
  10. awesome find, even tho its old :)
  11. Now lets say that little boy was a terrorist with a bomb....

    scary fucking thought/
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  13. what a guilt trip for the father
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  16. a mysterious plane crash in russia? that's like page 56 news
  17. Same thing I said bro, thats some stupid the fuck do you just fall asleep on the wheel of some landing gear?...don't worry I'll wait...
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