Russia vows a shield response beyond diplomacy

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  2. If Russia attacked Poland they wouldn't only be dealing with us they would be dealing with all of NATO.
  3. This feels so familiar to me.

    Like a warm fuzzy blanket.

  4. I would bet that a missile strike by Russia on the shield installations would not be viewed as an all out attack. Much like Israel bombing the Syrian reactor a few years back. I mean, the Syrians could barely restrain themselves in the first place, but they knew if they did shit back it would escalate out of control.

  5. No I realize that. Things would be on the brink though. I bet there would be a lot more U.S. troops sent to Germany that is for sure. But when we talk about these kind of things with Russia it would definitely not be just the U.S.
  6. Agreed.

    when both sides have nuclear weapons, provocation becomes a relative term. We will be able to forgive ALOT more, knowing what the full consequences could be.

    Russia just knows that this shield placement will effectively "neuter" them, and take away any kind of military gravitas they have a nuclear superpower.
  7. I'm not too worried to be honest.

    The U.S. is just making an investment in the region (Poland) to show to Russia that further hostilities are not a good idea and will not be conducive.

    Russia is responding to demonstrate that although they intend no major attacks that they are ready for conflict and to assert their influence in the region.

    It's just a little saber rattling, let's now blow it out of proportion. Neither side would benefit from a confrontation. Luckily Russia isn't like some OTHER countries with a foreign policy based on archaic superstition.

  8. Wasn't Bush's whole point of putting up the defense system to defend against Iran anyways? That's what I gathered when this idea was first proposed.

    Russia is very unpredictable. The thing has to be built first anyways. This will be a thing for President McCain or President Obama to handle.

    Which brings up another interesting discussion.....

  9. Supposedly. But I think it's equally as anti-Russian as it is anti-Iran. Just never portrayed in that way. A missile shield has been in the works for europe long before Iran was the new bully on playground.

    I'm going to go textbook liberal softy on this, and say we need to play ball and back the phuck down.

    1). The shields have yet to be proven to be reliable
    2). We NEED Russia to help contain Iran
    3). Ever seen the cost on this thing?
  10. I recall hearing about a missile defense designed to protect Europe from a hypothetical missile attack from area, based in Azerbaijan

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