Russia Election Hoax?

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    Former Architect of the NSA spy program and eventually Whistle Blower William Binney indicating that the Russia Hacking the US election is a based on a fabrication within the Intelligence community. On the premise that the time of transactions to write the data is way too fast for it to be considered a breach in Network Security, but copied locally therefore alluding to a leak.

    Personal Opinion:
    I work in Cyber Security and this by far is the most logical information I've heard on this issue,

    I just wanted to inform the partisan blades on this board, this is the guy the blew the whistle on a Republican President George W. Bush and his Administration for violating US citizens privacy with the program he built.

    If anyone want to know more about William Binney a documentary about W. Binney is "A Good American" and what he went through in designing and notifying the American People.
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  2. yeah I shared a few articles on another thread about this very thing. The speeds at which the emails were taken from the DNC would have been impossible for it to have been accessed from outside the building, as our internet here in america simply isn't that fast. But as usual, most people just glazed over it and kept posting articles about that stupid fucking meeting with a russian lawyer as if that adds up to treason like they have been saying. Its all a joke and I think they are all starting to realize it. The media knows it has nothing, which is why they try to change the narrative so slyly. Last week it was "trump is racist", this week they are bitching about the first lady wearing heels on an airplane ride. Next week...hmm...probably more "racist" talk because of the ending of the daca program.
    Its an easy argument for them to have because its an emotional one, a totally subjective rating just like everything else.
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