Russet mites? Or deficiency?

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  1. Can't seem to figure this one out. Had leaf tips curling up some and some wilted looking tops. Now it's flowering and the buds don't look so good

    Plants are gg4 and stank breath

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  2. Do you have access to scope to verify russet mites or just going purely by leaf symptoms? Also I see stankbreath...fellow Michigander?

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  3. On your photo: 'kimg0334' the leaf has a dark spot on it. This immediately led me to believe you have barnacle scale infestation. They attach to the leaf, stem, branch and protrude from the area it is attached to. It is hard and feels like a bump. These pests attach to the plant and suck the nutrients from the area it is attached to.

    I've found that if there are tags or ribbon attached to the stem, large groups of them will use that area to hide from the sun and predators. I've removed tags from the grower for normal house plants and found an infestation of them that looks like a disease but in actuality, it is just a large number of scale in one area that make it look dark and diseased. I believe they release honey dew as well so the area might be glossy and sticky. If it's on the stem, can just use a credit card and run along stem to detach them. Look the whole plant over and under the leaves.

    Hope you find out the cause soon!

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