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  1. Has anyone ever heard this band?

    oh my god, they are one of the best bands i've EVER heard, really..real good stoner music, you feel every note they play, brilliant brilliant brilliant.


    The bad thing though is i heard they never tour Europe, but only Canada and USA, they'r from Canada i think, not too sure, anyone ever seen them live?

    They are that good i would be prepared to take a trip to where ever they are playing to coincide with a concert of theirs and get a ticket and smoke alot of weed and take some acid :)
  2. The drummer of my old band really likes Rush - his favorite band. Neil Peart is arguably one of the best rock drummers of today. I meant to get one of their CD's but haven't gotten around to it.

    But what I've heard of them so far, I like it a lot.
  3. wow u guys just finging out about rush!?!?! i like some of their stuff...they used to be pretty damn popular if i recall
  4. thier all gods at their instruments, geddy lee is god at bass and neil pert, wow, no one can come close to being that good at drums. their newest CD, vapor trails is really good if u like thier earlier stuff.
  5. vapor trails is brilliant.

    So does anyone know about them touring anywhere?
  6. don't know anything about touring, but Rush does kick some major ass, YYZ is one of my favorite songs, such good bass...
  7. Been listening to RUSH since I was in H.S. That was over 15 years ago. 2112, Exit Stage Left all of their early albums kicks ass. Red Barchetta, and The Trees, those two songs are my favorite Rush songs. Got to see them in concert a few times through the eighties and early nineties. AWESOME show!! They are true professionals. The sound quality was about the best I can remember hearing from a live band. And the light show was other-worldly. Oh Yeah..........Neil Peart is GOD!
  8. Yea, rush are great, and yes they are canadian. Ive seen them at that SARS benefit concert in Toronto and they were awesome. Smoked a nice joint during their set, actually I smoked a joint during every bands set at that concert heh, and yes, Neil Peart is one of the best drummers ever.
  9. what are the best songs by them? I wanna download a few to hear....
  10. The Trees
    Red Barchetta
    Subdivisons (fucking sweet drumming)
    YYZ (Geddy Lee, need I say more?)
    Freewill (sweet song if your atheist)
    and theres more...
  11. I'll post more when i'm not as stoned, but get the song Lessons.
  12. THE TREES!!!! such a cool song.


    I wonder if they need a harmonica player....
  13. I wonder if they'll ever play Europe somewhere.

    I hope so much, i really do.

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