Ruse goes down.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by RuseOfMetacarpi, May 23, 2007.

  1. Continued to July 23rd... sort of wish it would just be over with so I could start my jail time.
  2. *I know how that feels man, my court date has been pushed back to the 25th, I just want to get everything over already..
  3. Damn man just now saw this thread...I hope everything goes ok and that sucks to hear about dude. Keep us updated and best of luck, I feel for you

  4. Whoa man are you fucking kidding me? what you just posted was nothing but stupid. Obviously he's getting more than just a possession charge I was just mentioning I've been in a similar position and can relate in a way. You're attacking me for showing sympathy for the guy? I thought this was a marijuana forum..what's with the negativity? smoke some bud and calm the fuck down.

    And again good luck with everything Ruse
  5. Damn man that really sucks. I hope everything goes well for you in your trial and you get off lightly. It really is a shame all the money wasted on the "War on drugs." I can tell from your posts you are very intelligent and definately not a menace to society and it just sucks that so many people like you are put in jail and have their lives turned upside down for a period because of an herb.
  6. At this time I'd like to state that obviously my posts in this thread are all completely hypothetical.

    You get it, blades.

    Holy shit blades, no one is going to believe this.

    Looks like all of your positive vibes did me and my boy some hell of good, I can't believe my fortune.

    At the preliminary trial, the county dropped all charges as ordered by the state so that the state could prosecute and sentence us before a grand jury. They typically do this when they want to give you the biggest penalty possible, really make an example out of you.

    Now, the thing is, once the county drops the charges, the state has nine months from your last appearance in court to re-endict you on charges, usually via search warrant and some other harsh methods.

    Well, September 17th, 2007 was my last court date when the charges were dropped, and it is now October 11th, 2008! Therefore...

    Fuck you pigs, fuck you guy that snitched on us and set us up, Fuck you, you sexy ass District attorney, fuck you, Colonial Heights. Fuck you, fat ass cop that didn't understand that I couldn't get out of the car with my seatbelt on. Fuck you, fuck you, fuck all of you fucking faggots that thought you could fuck with me and ruin my fucking life over a fucking plant, you all took too fucking long so you can go fucking eat some fucking donuts fuckkkkkk youuuuuuuuuuu

    I love you, blades. Thanks for all your prayers, wishes, and vibes. They truly truly paid off.
  8. So happy for you man. Hope you stay outta trouble. :wave:
  9. WOW!@

    Lucky as hell man! Very happy for yo bro! I really hope I can be so lucky.... :)
  10. Thank God! His ways are awesome. So happy to hear that you overcame that shitty predicament untouched. I'd be so happy :hello:
  11. Awesome deal man...and you gotta love the rant:D
  12. Hell yeah!

    F the police!!!
  13. Wordd, congratulations on getting out of all that bullshit. VA laws are shitty, surprised to see that they let you pass under the radar.

  14. Word, that's one hell of a lucky story.
  15. How much does weed cost where you live? An average half pound here is at most 800 dollars. You make it sound like you could pay for everything you'd ever need but I know weed where I live is incredibly cheap compared to anyone else I've talked to.
  16. well yeah about the same, HP for around 800 or so. But since it was a sting, they offered to pay 1850 which was 1,050 straight profit, more than 120%. And we'd just moved in to our apartment, not to mention just got out on our own. Seemed like a lot more money back then.
  17. Wow man, glad to hear the good news!
  18. $800? Was it crappy weed? Here in California a 1/4 for $800 is a steal.
  19. Yeah I know someone from cali and they were amazed at the prices here and thought I was just screwing with him lol.

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