Ruse goes down.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by RuseOfMetacarpi, May 23, 2007.

  1. have you contacted NORML? found a lawyer in VA willing to spot ya free of charge?
  2. How did you manage that? My friend had like 3 plants and had a 25,000 bail he had to pay 2500
  3. good luck kid, keep your head up
  4. Well, for starters cultivation is normally taken a lot less lightly than distribution. Also, we were pretty candid and cooperative with the cops when it came to the interragation, we did practically everything but give names and help with a sting of our own.
  5. Well, I decided I'll be getting the lawyer who got the DC sniper reduced from the death penalty, so hopefully I'll be ok. My arraignment's on Tuesday, and in the end I'm only looking at one felony, they decided not to charge me with conspiracy to distribute since I'm so fucking sweet.
  6. Well that's good to hear man, don't give up your rights. I've also been slapped with a apossesion charge but it ended up working out and no jail time. Is this your first offence because it sounds like you got lucky.

    best of luck
  7. fuck
    Good luck with everything man, I hope it works out as best it can for you

  8. Haha the lawyer from the DC sniper trial.

    That's pretty damn funny.
  9. That's good to hear! :hello:

  10. You need to read threads more careufully before you post stupid shit. He didnt get a possession charge, you think he would be this worried over a possession charge?
  11. Well, told my parents today and they'll be supporting me at my arraignment, so that's probably a pretty good first impression.

  12. My exact thought as well

    damn man that sucks though, GOOD LUCK
  13. I am Ruse's boy that was with him.

    It turns out guys, that the place me and Ruse were busted, is now the official busting grounds for the PD that got us...

    As it turns out, 4 other busts were made by the same PD in that exact location in the past month and a half.. I wish I had the sense to have checked up first.

    Lesson learned: Do your research, the D.E.A website has crucial information on where busts happen, how many busts, and the people involved in them.

    And never never under estimate cop cars. These were private cars, no police stickers, regular license plates, no antennas except the factory one, no lights... Be ever cautious.
  14. getting pretty close to the preliminary trial (july 9th) but things will hopefully be ok. My friend was arrested a while back on the same shit (set up and everything) and she served 20 days in jail and had a restricted license for six months. I've got the same lawyer as her now and I'm feeling a lot better about this whole thing. I'm pretty sure I will either serve minimal jail time and skate with no probation, or serve a reasonable amount of probation and skate with no jail time.

    either way you look at it, I guess it's ok. Honestly, rather have the jail time though.

    all I know is that whenever I can smoke again all you blades will be able to see a mushroom cloud of blunt smoke hovering over Richmond.

    just figured I'd update. I'll let you know what happens at the prelim. in a couple weeks.
  15. Best of Luck Dude.
  16. thanks man.

    Tomorrow's the preliminary trial, looks like it will be continued, so sorry for all you ruse haters out there, no updates of my sentencing yet.
  17. I had a run in with the VA judical system and they are not pretty,prepare for the worst.

    Not trying to bring negative flows but they dont play...Best of luck to ya....

    Hopefully this will be your 7/7/07 Wish,I'm prayin for ya.:wave:
  18. Good luck bro, update us on your situation, hopefully everything turns out for the better!
  19. the best of luck to ya we'll all hope u dont get to bad of a sentance.

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