Ruse goes down.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by RuseOfMetacarpi, May 23, 2007.

  1. Not like that, ladies, but keep your hopes up.

    Yesterday me and a friend were driving out of county to deliver a large amount of pot that was going to pay our rent for a million years and also hook us up with free smoke forever.

    We get to the place (parking lot) and park by dude man's car, a half pound in the front seat and next thing I know there's cops pullin my boy out and puttin him on the ground, guns pointed at both of us.

  2. Damn sorry to hear that man. Are they going to charge you with anything? What is your friend looking at? Was it a setup?
  3. Yeah, we got set up. We're both being charged with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute and conspiracy to distribute marijuana, both felonies.

    Somehow we were out of jail in under two hours and with PR bonds (don't have to pay unless you miss your court date)

    our arraignment is next week, wish me luck blades.
  4. Thats really unfortunate to hear. I have no idea what two felonies might do to you. Do you think you will be looking at any jail time? That much weight is not going to be taken likely. Do you plan on getting a lawyer?
  5. Ouchies. :(
  6. First of all they cant just pull you out of the car with out probable cause so man I suggest you try to fight this, maybe get your charges reduced.
  7. He said it was a set up, which means a bust, or sting. So the cops already knew about it, probable cause or not he was fucked. Sorry to hear about this man. Sucks big time. Is this your first offense? If so you're probably lookin at minimal to no jail time with probably a decently timed probation.
  8. Fuck dude...that blows. My first thought was of the scene in Blow where he gets set up and is like "lets just do it".

    Hope everything works out man. Best of luck.
  9. For starters...

    Recorded phone conversations as well as two other meetings that we had already made with this guy was already more than enough to put us away, trust me, I know my rights, but when ten cops come out of nowhere, guns drawn, shouting, you've got to figure they've done their research. It was clearly no mystery to them or anyone else.

    Blades, I thank you infinitely for your support through this, all day today I've only wanted to do two things: Sleep and cry.

    We were contacted by a lawyer today who sounds like a nice guy loyal to the cause. I'm feeling a little bit better after being contacted by him just to know that there's some help out there. NORML says for Virginia anything over a half ounce is 1-3 years jail time, but like Lotus said, I'm banking (or at least praying) that I can skate with twenty seven thousand hours of community service and a mere half a century of probation.

    I know this is real life stories, but before all this happened I had been talking with an old friend of mine who recently found the love of God, and as unexpected as this may sound coming from me, This has brought me closer to God than ever. The only time any more that I don't feel like I'm about to vomit or am depressed is when I pray.

    I just take comfort in the fact that God has a plan for me and that this was part of it.

    This whole situation has gotten me so emotional, it's crazy.

    Thanks again for being there blades, without all of you to spill this to I don't know what I'd do. I'm not sure if anyone on this site understands how important so many of you are to me.

    Oh yeah, and pre-trial conditions have me pissing in cups for an indefinite amount of time, so blaze one for old Ruse.

    Thanks everyone.
  10. Its kind of ironic, but you usually find hope when the light is all but gone. If they're giving you pre-trial tests, it doesn't look good. Unless its like your local Recovery Center or whatever that's doing it. If its a probation office, or whatnot, doesn't look too good. What I'd do is blaze as much as I can before my first test. As long as THC levels in your urine go down after that, they can't really get you for anything.
  11. Hit the nail right on the head Lotus, we told the cops we smoked a blunt out of the HP, so any tests that we have will be based off of that being our last day smoking, giving us a lot of time to stop, honestly, I just don't feel like it right now though.
  12. Yeah, I feel you on that one. When I got arrested I just felt like shit for 3 weeks straight. I smoked a j the night I got arrested cuz the piggy didn't find it on me and I needed somethin to calm my nerves, and help me get to sleep. Other than that I was just like 'I'm done for a while'
  13. Shit Ruse....I wish you the best of luck. I had no idea what this thread would entail when I clicked on it...I can only hope they give you the minimum sentence in every way possible. Please update us
  14. Damn, im sorry to hear that. Best of luck with your sentencing.

    God bless you!
  15. Yeah, good luck, man. I'm sorry to hear about this. :( What a waste of police resources.
  16. yea, thats not good man, i hope the best for you. how are the laws in your state? i really wish you luck man!
  17. Damn Ruse. When I first came to the city, I looked up to you, along with a couple others. It hits us all hard too. Hopefully you can get out of this with minimal consequences. If not, all us blades will bust you out, covered with a cloud of smoke that'll get the guards ripped, haha. Keep us updated!
  18. Damn dude I'm definitely praying that everything will work out according to plan..good luck with everything man.
  19. it's only gonna get worse for everyone so start standing up for your damn rights people...

    it's bullshit that we all have to in some way or another (income is federal) pay to put someone we know to be a good person behind bars for nothing more than a plant

    granted you were trying to turn a profit thus making the whole weed should be free or cheap and legal thing a moot point you still don't deserve this shit no one does

    start drumming up local support guys hell make it a daily thing to march in as big a group as you can for actual freedom

    you've basically accepted this bogus crap by figuring it can't happen to you but it can and if you keep thinking someone else will do it it probably won't ever happen

    they can't silence us all and they can't stop free speech so march for what you believe in boycott all biz from drug stores to gas stations

    bike walk skate and smoke grow your own veggies 'n nug tell these bastards taxes are a privilge we give them not a right they can force on us with fear of jail or fines
  20. thanks for your prayers and support blades.

    that's all I have to say now, we meet with the attorney tomorrow so there should be a better update and better news.

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