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    I have two bubba kush clones. low budget grow. no ph testing done. no nutes. just tap water and four 65 wat 1200 lumens and four surronding lights putting out 550 lumens each. i just bought one specific grow light from the store today to see if it could perk up this runt. ive been growing them for two weeks. i dont have money to spend on nutrients so any tip and home remadies would help greatly. its the one on the left. this is the best pic i could seems to grow at a much slower rate then her sister. any help i would appreciate.
  2. el pica dont worka
  3. well i cant seem to get a pic up.but what ive been reading and seeing pics of other peoples problems i think its a ph or nutirent problem. i use tap water and no nutes so idk what really needs to be done.i plan on gettin a ph tester and some nutes and ph up and down.if anyone knows any stores with decent prices in the buena park/cypress ca area please let me know.

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