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  1. I've got a few plants in 3 gallons (LC's soilless mix #2) with trays to collect watering runoff. Now these trays tend to overflow at least once during normal watering, so I've been watering them in a separate sink so far. By the time they get bigger they are going to be too much of a pain to move every time so I'm looking for a way to easily drain these trays while I'm watering. I was thinking something along the lines of a better version of a turkey baster to suck the water up. I was wondering if anyone had experience with auto siphons/aquarium siphons and could recommend if they are worth using or not. I'm also curious if it would just be easier to use an electric pump of some sort. Anyway, I would appreciate any advice on this subject.
    In before "Buy bigger trays".

  2. Im also interested in this. I have the same problem when I do a top feed. Sometimes when I dont want to deal with the mess I bottom feed them by pouring the water in the tray and the plant will soke it up. Ill do that 2-3 times.

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  3. I use a wet vac.
  4. I grow my plants on a very low table built of 2'x4's and plywood which is around 8' by 8' (the room is around 10'x10'). The table is around 12" high off the floor at one end and is around 10" off the floor at the low end. The entire table is covered with a piece of bright white roofing membrane. Any runoff is directed to a center point at the low end of the table and drains into a black plastic "concrete mixing tub" which slides most of the way under the table. I empty the tub as needed - very easy, no mess, no trays under the plants pots to collect stagnant water and it cleans very well. It also makes a nice reflective surface under the plants to reflect any light that penetrates the canopy, although that isn't often a lot.

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