Runoff ph and ppm high

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  2. Man is there any way I can get you to jump over on my thread and ask you a few questions about your auto pilot watering, I dont want to take up too much space on this mans thread. That being said very intrigued reading your thoughts, I am also very tired of moving water around.

    .BIG BLUES QUANTUM REALM. perpetual growop.

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  3. You bet, I will get back to you later this evening. In the meantime please check out Dr Coco’s work at his Coco For Cannabis website. I’m following his work. Dr Coco goes perfectly into the reasoning with great examples and definitive explanations that will probably answer more than all your questions :)

    I’ve purchased and designed my own watering setup for my needs and I’d be glad to answer any questions. I’ve posted about it before, i’ll see if I can find it again.
  4. Thank you. And I will absolutely check that out.

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  5. [QUOTE
    Hey thanks for the info man appreciate that, yeah i water to waste every day but i wanted to start doing multiple feedings so just wanted to check, here's my girls day 50 from seed they[/QUOTE]

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    Looking great man!! My first grow was an auto and I just let her grow cause I didn’t know what to expect lol. This time round though, I’ve grown a monster! Lol. She’s filled my entire 2x4 tent ScrOG’d and she’s thirsty! I realized I didn’t want to hand water multiple time too! Haha. It sucked for a small bit, but then I found Dr Coco and his information is undeniably awesome! Now I’m just cruising along with a added minute here or there on my timer to water to runoff! I’ll share with ya too what I did in my grow room! :) it’s pretty affordable really imo. See ya man!
  7. Here’s the Brute trash can I’m using for my nute reservoir. My buddy was teasing me telling me I should just go all in DWC, lol, but I do like Coco. These Brutes are surprisingly food grade plastic and easy to move if needed for filling and cleaning.
    This type setup is not expensive to make. I used this 20 gal trash can ($20), a 500 gph pump ($60), a digital timer ($15) 5/8” poly tubing ($8), a couple ring clamps ($2), a drip emitter valve ($5), and 1/4” drip line, 1 gal/min drip emitters, and one 1 gal/min compression drip emitter at the end of the watering line (roughly $12), and some 1/4” line stakes to keep the emitters from wandering above my media.

    I found this multi-zoned drip emitter valve, probably a little over the top, literally HA!, but I felt it’s worth it should I grow SOG sometime and it was only $5 more; plus I think I could run about 36 emitters or more off this pump if I wanted to
    An unexpected benefit to this valve particularly was how it positioned into my tent, what I’m referring to is it naturally thwarts against siphoning! The valve is easily higher than my reservoir water line by a couple feet so each time the pump is turned off it siphons back to the reservoir and not my tent!! Lol (I’d be a dead man!) haha.
    Here’s the emitters leaking away during fertigation. I’m currently fertigating 4 x’s/day (roughly every 6 hrs), for 6 full minutes at a time, this produces roughly 300 mls run-off which is 30% each dose.
    This has been a huge blessing in my current GSC grow! Already things are steadying and she is loving it!! I’ve steadily increased my nute run-off this past week and a half from 600’s slowly up to 1310 this morning!!! YAY!! I’m finally within my target run-off and my pH has stabilized too; before it was up and down related with the alternating high and low nutrients I initially learned to do...wrong!!! Lol. Anyway, I hope my sharing can help someone else sometime in their need too! ✌See you all around GC!!

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