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  1. what color should water runoff for seedlings in party cup soil?

    i just flushed because they were yellowing and i flushed them until they ran clear.

    will this take out too much nutrients?
  2. I am by no means an expert here mate, but the words 'flushed' and 'yellowing' and perhaps even 'runoff' shouldnt be used in the same sentence as 'seedlings'.

    More info is needed on what you have done since this seed sprouted. Any pics ? How big is this seedling ?
    I dont see how it can be yellowing, you havent been applying nutes already have ya ?
    There should be enough nutrients etc in your soil to see the seedling along for the first 2 weeks or so i think. What nkinda soil are you using ?

    And if its the tiny little first leaves at the bottom that are yellowing, this is normal, the plant is finished with them and is eating them up and is about to discard them naturally.
  3. Dirt with a high amount of organics (like top soil) with flush yellow and throw high PPMs.

  4. hey, here's my thread were i was talking about the plants

    but to summarize, five seedlings in soil. just switched one 6500k 23w to a 2700k 65w and i'm about to add a 6500k 65w and two more 6500k 23w's for a total of 301w.

    basically a dude told me to flush them and i thought it was a good idea because the miracle grow non-time release organic seemed a bit hot for them. there are some pics on the other forum, but i snapped some right after flushing that i'll include here.

    i flushed them till the runoff was straight clear with a ph of about 6.4, but i am thinking that i flushed them too much.

    they look better today than they do in these pics, so here's hoping.

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