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  1. i never knew how helpful it could be. i decided to jog around my block today, and it was incredible. it takes your mind off of hurtful things, gets you in shape, and makes you feel good. and i think it'll work for a t-break. instead of smoking i think i might just jog around the block a few times. i suggest you all try it :D even if you do it while you're high.
  2. i love ridin bikes stoned, specially on the trials in da mountains
    and snowboadin stoned is fun too
  3. I love running. I recently completed a program were I could go from never running to running 10 km's.
  4. i like running to build up my endurance. i always feel great after ending a workout with 40 minutes of cardio.

    also.. helps me prepare for taking off if im ever stuck in such a situation.. :p

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