Running up the stairs in the dark?

Discussion in 'General' started by Bluntzilla420, Aug 8, 2008.

  1. It was more when I was younger, but I would go into my basement to get a drink or something but it would be really dark and late at night. One I grabbed the drink I would run up the stairs as if some ghostly spirit was chasing after me. Then once I made it all the way up I would be relieved, as if I just outran a terrorist wielding an assault rifle.

    Anyone else ever do this?
  2. Never up the stairs because I always had a fear of tripping and breaking my teeth on the edge of a step, which kind of superseded my fear of creepy shit in the dark.

    But any time I went into a dark room to get something I'd be sprinting on the way out the door. Scary as hell :(
  3. ahaha not stairs, but i have a fucking loooong hall way downstairs and at the end is one huge room that is really creepy and dark

    I would always run from my room to the stairs trying to escape
  4. Haha I always used to do that! (And still sometimes xD )
  5. All the time when i was younger. I'd get a drink or something from downstairs and would then have to hit the light switch because it was down there, and once i hit it, i would bolt up the stairs thinking i'd get killed by something in the dark if i didn't.
  6. HAHA i thught i was the only one that did that. Especially after i get done smoking in my basement its fucking creepy cause i have to walk through the entire basement and up the stairs with only the help of my phone light
  7. lol
    same here
  8. I miss basements :(

    I am absolutely thrilled to hear I'm not the only one. Dead serious bro, I was fine when I was in the basement but as soon as I started up the stairs something started FUCKING chasing me... When I closed that door it was like ... Phew!
  10. Yes...
    I did exactly what your saying. No lie.
  11. ^^I used to do this visiting cousin's in PA who had a basement (no basements in CA, yo).
  12. I still do that today, but to be fair, I do live in a 60 year old house and hear some weird shit all the time in the basement.
  13. Haha I knew a lot of us would have done this. Yesssss.
  14. I always do that, I always say theres nothing behind me but for some reason I always end up speeding up when I get towards the end.

    Weird, im not afraid of the dark or anything. Just when its dark and late at night and Im walking upstairs..


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