running stress test on super room need help

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by SirDabsAlot360, Oct 29, 2014.

  1. we just finished construction of a 19x19 sealed room. we put in 16 adjust-a-wing DE with 16 grow amp turbos and a 54k btu lg mini split.
    problem is during dry run tests our ac cant quite keep up (set point 64 F rooms staying 80-85) and is running full tilt all the time. so im afraid im going to burn it up in a hurry. and i cant afford to get a back up till second harvest. and clone are maby a week out from ready....
    my solutions are to move the ballasts to the attic which does not have proper ventilation so ill have to add soffit vents and peak vents and a crawl space and id be concerned about temp and humidity of an uncontrolled environment and electrical equipment. or do an alternating 600,1000 instead of all 1k. wich i really dont wana do either.
    if any one has any bright ideas or solutions that can help id love to hear them

  2. Why is the room sealed? Are you planning on using CO2?
    If no, add extractor fans/carbon filters.
    If yes you need higher temps anyway.
    Plants don't need as much light for veg so 600w MH would probably be fine for the clones/young plants

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