Running out of weather

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Paulnewtogrowing, Oct 16, 2022.

  1. Gonna have to harvest this week as temps are dipping here in MA. Only have 3 left, lost 3 Due to screwed up soil - ph well.
    IMG_1223.JPG IMG_1211.JPG

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  2. Temps are dipping here but I just checked the 15 day forecast if no sign of frost in my area of Mass. Unless harsh weather or bud rot or pm issues, I'd let them go
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  3. I am lucky to live in plant zone 9b so our frosts come in November, but I have a bunch of Trainwreck Sativas that are looking like they'll go at least until the end of the first week of November. I'm just hoping we stay in the upper 40s for the low overnight temperatures until then.

    Nice looking plants, by the way!
  4. Suppose to freeze Wednesday night in the Berkshires - I may cover the SCROG (amnesia)since it’s a bit behind the others

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  5. I have at least two weeks left on a sativa as well. fingers crossed that we hold strong in NE thru October. That red/purple leaf'd plant is look sexyyyyyyy
  6. as soon as I posted my fingers crossed message I come across this headline..

    "Unseasonably cold weather begins Monday and could last through the week and extend down to the Gulf of Mexico. There's also a risk of snow across the Great Lakes, Midwest, and New England."

  7. I've had one plant in the ground as late as Nov. 8th. And that was through several frosts. If the sun is on them early, the frost should melt, shake them off and you should be good. Even snow is ok. As long as you shake them off. Now a wet snow that freezes onto the buds is a different story. And a hard ground freeze is a problem. Mulch around the base to protect the root zone and hold in some of the heat. Snow is a common occurrence in the mountains of Humboldt and it doesn't cause them to chop before the plant is ready.
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  8. I had a light frost last weekend - didn’t hurt anything - yeah the purple one is a Girl Crush - suppose to be really good for squeezing.

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  9. Not sure why Hemming disagreed with my comment. Its not really a comment that someone can agree or disagree with. Derp
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