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  1. In the future I plan on starting 6 plants that are about a foot tall about 3 weeks after being topped. Not sure if this is ideal but once you see the included images you'll probably understand why use of space is a priority. Constructing my flowering room took much longer than I had anticipated so the 4 plants in my garden now were close to 3 feet when I started them, much too tall for a 400 watt hps, perhaps, but I was nervous about cutting them far down on the main branches leaving a bunch of gaping wounds. They're about 2 weeks into flowering now, and hanging a trellis had made keeping them low, or at least away from the light bulb, much easier but now my concern is that the lower foliage and flowers aren't going to receive enough light. I am wondering what my best course of action is. I don't have room for a track or sun circle but I will be manually moving the fixture from week to week, I also plan on picking up some form of supplemental lighting when I can afford it. Are there any pruning techniques I could use? Is it safe to remove a few of the top fan leaves or will that just cause stress and slow growth? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


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  2. Some of you might notice that there are actually five plants in those pictures. The fifth is a different strain and an afterthought. I don't think its going to present any real problems, probably just a smaller yeild than I could get if it were closer in size to the others. Pay it no mind.
  3. I'm in a similar bind. I'm going to just roll the dice and let nature take its course. Hopefully you'll get a response with some wisdom.

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  4. P.s. for my supplemental light (only had a 400 hps/mh) I got a galaxy hydro 300w led for about $135. Results so far have been outstanding...especially at that price. Into week two of floweing.

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  5. fold those baby's under the net bro...that's why you bought it!... Don't let them grow up and through the net it defeats the purpose. You can safely prune up to two weeks I take it up to four weeks but I'm risking loss of vital bud production due to healing process of chopping leafs. Mostly I know my plants by the time that flower how they will bounce back if I prune too late personally I clip all larg fan leafs befor flower. After I tuck them under branches etc anywhere away from buds....with my net I placed it 2 ft. Abovethe top . my soil/ bucket . they grow up to it then I flower they grow above the net...I pull it under and spred out the top and tops of branches soit is once again under the net and only the very tips can climb above it grows more and I once again pull those under and push it out tward the next opening keeping all but buds under the net...I do this until the last month of flower. Trust me with your plants growing diagonally and then becoming parallel every bud is getting optimal par, lumens for optimal production ani can boast I had a grad A++ seed and now have that same in dank herb..course allot more goes into pressure from exhaust and intake fans relative humidity temps at cannopy below and above canopy brand/style of nutes substrate I grow in, R/o or tap? When and how much to feed when and how much to water in between the list goes's fun and knowledgeable but complicated...weed is not just a weed if you want good cannabis... If weed is just a weed grab some dank and grab a bag from your friend or buddy on the block and check it out for yourself....almost anyone can grow but only the ones who research and thru trial and error will you find someone who can grow true cup winning cannabis.
  6. Heres some pics

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    since they are so tall honestly I would just tie down as far as I could majority of branches without bending or breaking....but next time utilize a grow goal. Imagine how you want your plants to grow and do it. Fim top main line loli pop grafting etc. are all fine and fun to experiment with know if it wasn't so late into flower I would have chopped that up a bit and made clones that way you would reduce your size as you wanted and have a shit load of cloned babies to flower with thbig Mamma. Now I'm editing lol so in my pic..(my phone won't let me grab pics from my last grow otherwise I could really show you what I e plained above) anyhow I bought a cheap volleyball net I folded and tied and zip tied to my tent. I also use plant ties to start training them to go where I want and how I want I have one not pictured that said it was auto flower....been 4 months still no I. Thinking it got mixed with another any how the bitch is big and bad and I still have another month to veg the others in there befor I flower so imagine just how huge she will be so what I did is bend her under not to bend too much ( you can feel the tense an pressure so use that as your guide) but now she's at a 50-60 degree angle and from that she will grow parallel with the net with my "tuck n fold" she will wind up being a good 6 feet when I'm done the others will be a good four feet tall ....I like to think of scrog by the net is your ground level so to speak and veg time is train time prun time etc. And mannnn when flowering starts and I have them in the farthest hole in my net then above ground is going to be nothing but bud massive dense rock hard buds.... Shoot I go as far as buying amino acids, lava rock dust mycho etc..ripners hardners...I choose to us a p-k boost instead of a flower nutrient....your plant needs no nitrogen in flower yes yes yes I said it and someone will try to nail me by saying they do... And they are right too but not as much as I am...nitrogen is primarily used for vigir structure branch growth plant growth in veg ....during flower the aid nitrogen gives that is positive is too miniscule , during flower your bud leaves and fan leaves will take up all the nitrogen and will grow more leafs...personally I like bud. Not leaf. So fuck the flower nutes . besides if you grow in soil chances are you have enough nitrogen left over from the veg stage to give her that tiny bit that wierdos say is needed in flower.any ways I'm babbling due to being up with my newborn for two weeks straight and only getting about 2 hrs sleep...hmu if I can help you further.
  8. I found a 250watt cfl (2700k) with a hood and mogul socket for $59.95 on sale. Gonna pick one up ASAP but thanks for the suggestion. I would get another 400watt hps off amazon but I'm afraid the extra heat will overwhelm my exhaust fan.

    freshmen, your post just loaded I'm reading it...them lol
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    I am going to continue tucking them under but I'm afraid I'm gonna totally snuff out one of my girls if I block off the canopy to that degree so I'm just waiting until I acquire the aforementioned ssupplemental lighting. I'm growing in rockwool cubes buried in expanded clay with a 15 gallon reservoir. I flood the tray for 5 min at the beginning of every hour during the day and the girls are doing great. Using jungle juice and other advanced nutrients products for food.

    I forgot to mention I topped all of the branches that were above the trellis one week ago. I also tried the FIM technique but appear to have failed, leaving too much behind.

    Thank you very much for taking the time to respond.
  10. A friend of mine, that also happens to be an investor, has ordered the 250watt cfl for me. I noticed one vendor that offered the choice of 2700k or 2100k. I would have gone with 2100k to match my hps and (correct me if I'm wrong) provide my flowering plants with a more light in the "usable" area of the spectrum, but they would not ship to Alaska! 2700k will have to do.

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